Joe Rogan foresees Mike Tyson causing trouble for Jake Paul in an unearthed video as they prepare for an anticipated match in July p.2

A resurfaced clip shows Joe Rogan warning Jake Paul about fighting Mike Tyson, as the UFC commentator insisted the boxing legend could inflict damage regardless of age.

Paul, 27, is scheduled to fight Tyson, who is 30 years his senior, on July 20. The two will square off at AT&T Stadium in the first boxing event to stream on Netflix.

In April 2023, Rogan and WWE legend Ric Flair discussed the dangers Tyson presents to Paul on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Tyson, 57, held a 56-6 record with 44 knockouts before stepping away from boxing in 2005

Paul secured a bout with the boxing legend scheduled for July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Texas

Tyson had a 56-6 record with 44 knockouts before retiring in 2005. In 2020, he returned to the ring for an exhibition with fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. – an event that featured Paul in the preliminaries.

Flair and Rogan stressed how well Tyson moved and his power still being present against Jones.

‘When they were training Mike for that Roy Jones fight, they were using state-of-the-art science. I don’t give a f**k if you think he’s 55 years old, that guy will hurt you.

‘If Jake Paul’s on the other side of the ring and he sees Mike Tyson, just bobbing and weaving, he’s gonna have a recognition,’ Rogan continued. ‘He’s gonna look over and go ‘Oh my god, that’s really Mike Tyson.’ At 55, the power’s the last thing to go, but the speed is still there.’

While praising Tyson’s timeless ferocity, Rogan and Flair also agreed that Paul has legitimate boxing skills.

‘Forget that Jake Paul is a YouTube guy and watch him box,’ Rogan said, ‘The kid can fight – one hundred percent. That Tommy Fury fight really showed that. [He] goes to a split decision against a legit undefeated boxer.’

Paul enters the fight with a 9-1 record with six knockouts. The Problem Child knocked Ryan Bourland out in the first round, just days before the fight with Tyson got announced.

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