Jake Paul Takes a Daring Step Before the Mike Tyson Fight by Challenging Boundaries with a ‘Fearless’ Choice – This move is risky p.2

Jake Paul has confirmed his highly anticipated matchup with Mike Tyson will be a professional bout, with no headgear for good measure. This announcement, made during a Fox News interview, dispels rumors of an exhibition and raises the stakes considerably. Paul, known for his YouTube fame and foray into boxing, is taking a significant step up in competition.

Jake Paul on how boxing 'saved' him ahead of Nate Diaz fight | The  Independent

Facing the legendary Mike Tyson, a former undisputed heavyweight champion, is a gamble in itself. But doing so in a professional setting has raised the stakes even higher. This fight has ignited heated debate. While some see it as a disrespectful clash between eras, others view it as a test of Paul’s boxing mettle. Moreover, Paul is making serious efforts to turn this fight into a memorable one.

Jake Paul is done with the exhibition fights

Not long ago, Mike Tyson announced that his upcoming fight against the Youtuber-turned-boxer will be an exhibition fight, however it won’t be following any rules of a standard exhibition bout. Well, Jake Paul has now come up with a different plan instead, and he’s decided to make an appeal to the Texas Commission to get their fight sanction as a professional event. Now, it’s to be seen if the officials pay heed to this request.

Jake Paul opponent confirmed for December 15 | DAZN News US

If it gets approved, it might break the viewership records for any boxing fight in the history of sweet science. Speaking to Fox Sports, Paul stated, “There has been so much misinformation. Mike and I want this to be a pro fight, full face shots. We are submitting that request to the commission. Its all out war. There has been all these faked videos about not being able to hit each other, big gloves all of that stuff. Its all as Trump would say, fake news.

Now it’s to be seen what do they announce next regarding their much-anticipated clash on July 20th. However, the fans aren’t much in favor of this decision of both fighters.

Fans favor the Paul-Tyson fight to be an exhibition

The proposed fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson continues to be a lightning rod for controversy. Fans took to Twitter to voice their outrage, with many questioning the ethics of the matchup.

One tweet captures a common sentiment that talked about how Jake Paul is “shameless” for being so hardcore with the 57-year-old legend. This concern about Tyson’s age and the inherent risk of a fight against a much younger opponent is a major sticking point for many fans.


Another user highlights the logistical hurdles. This points to the potential roadblocks the fight might face from governing bodies, further muddying the waters.


A fan mentioned that if any organization agrees to sanction this fight as a professional bout, they need to get their license removed and deserves to get shut down.


The financial motivations behind the fight are also suspect. This cynicism reflects a belief that the fight is more about generating revenue than competitive integrity.

Safety is a paramount concern. This fear highlights the potential dangers of a professional fight, especially considering the significant age disparity.

The Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson saga continues to be a social media spectacle. With ethical concerns, sanctioning hurdles, and safety fears swirling online, the future of this fight remains far from certain. One thing is for sure: the boxing world will be watching with bated breath to see if this controversial matchup ever comes to fruition.

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