What Nikki Bella said when she saw John Cena causing a stir after seeing him wearing a skirt, leggings and high heels

Fans Go Crazy Over Viral Pictures of John Cena Wearing Skirt and Heels on Movie Set

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John Cena skirt high heels

John Cena
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WWE icon John Cena has gained a lot of praise for whatever work he has done in Hollywood so far. In fact, Peacemaker, starring the 16-time WWE champion, was one of the best shows of 2022. However, The Cenation Leader has been recently trending on social media for a different reason. John Cena was spotted wearing a skirt and heels on the sets of his new Hollywood project.

Wrestling fans recall a typical image of John Cena making his entrance sporting a cap, t-shirt, jorts, and sneakers. As far as Hollywood is concerned, one can imagine him in the Peacemaker costume. But when fans saw their WWE icon modeling something out of the box, they could resist but express their views on social media.

Fans load Twitter with some humorous statements after seeing John Cena in a skirt and heels

According to reports, the WWE-legend-turned-Hollywood star is currently in Melbourne, Australia filming his upcoming movie “Ricky Stanicky”. Recently, a picture of Cena from the sets was posted on social media. It showed the 16-time world champion rocking some traditionally feminine-looking garments.

John Cena was wearing a black T-shirt, a short black and white plaid skirt, thigh-high stockings, and lace-up black leather heels. Ryan Satin posted the viral photo on Twitter with an interesting caption. He wrote that finally, the next WrestleMania dream opponent for Bianca Belair has been found.

WWE fans joined him and filled the comment section with some funny replies.

One user asked WWE’s Creative Head Triple H to book The Cenation Leader.

Another fan commented that by wearing a skirt and heels, John Cena is testing his Wrestlemania 39 outfit.

Many WWE creative fans came up with new names for The Cenation Leader.

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Memers also joined the thread with some hilarious memes.

Fans might see the WWE-legend-turned-Hollywood star in some in-ring action at Wrestlemania 39

Although the chances of Cena facing Bianca at any stage seems quite unlikely, he will return to the ring soon. According to various reports, John Cena will be wrestling a match at the Grandest Stage of Them All this year. The former 16-time world champion is rumored to face the current US champion Austin Theory.

Nevertheless, Right Now, it seems John Cena is busy rocking a skirt and heels for his upcoming movie “Ricky Stanicky”. Though, he is rumored to be free for a WWE return by the time WrestleMania 39 will be around.

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