We are a more backward civilization than the last century, that is the assertion of many scientists, because wifi waves and computers have been present since ancient times on ancient stones. p.1

In a fascinating perspective shared by numerous researchers, it’s suggested that our civilization may not be as advanced as previously thought. Surprisingly, the premise stems from the notion that the utilization of wifi waves and computers dates back to ancient eras, evidenced by their presence on ancient stones.

This intriguing assertion challenges conventional views on the trajectory of technological progress, prompting a reconsideration of the historical timeline of innovation and development. By recognizing the existence of wifi waves and rudimentary computing systems in ancient times, we are compelled to rethink the narrative of human advancement.

Evidence supporting this claim can be found etched into the very fabric of ancient relics and archaeological sites. Symbols resembling modern wifi signals and depictions resembling primitive computational devices adorn ancient artifacts, offering glimpses into the technological prowess of past civilizations.

Moreover, the implications of this perspective extend beyond mere historical curiosity. They beckon us to contemplate the nature of progress itself and the cyclical patterns inherent in human civilization. Could it be that our current technological achievements are but echoes of innovations long forgotten?

Embracing this alternative viewpoint prompts us to reassess our understanding of history and encourages a more holistic perspective on the evolution of human society. Rather than viewing progress as a linear trajectory, we are challenged to acknowledge the possibility of recurrent cycles of advancement and regression.

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In conclusion, the notion that our civilization lags behind its predecessors due to the presence of wifi waves and primitive computers in ancient times invites us to reconsider the narrative of human progress. By delving into the implications of this perspective, we gain valuable insights into the cyclical nature of innovation and the intricate tapestry of history.

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