“The theory that the “Titanic” was sunk by aliens was put out by a scientist”.ngocthuy


Even though the “Titanic” sank more than a hundred years ago, versions of the causes of the disaster still give humanity peace. No available evidence for the official version helps, each of them has been repeatedly challenged by the most incredible assumptions. Dailystar brought together the strangest of them all.

As you know, the “unsinkable” ship sank after colliding with an iceberg during its maiden voyage. The tragedy that claimed the lives of 1,500 people became one of the worst maritime disasters in history.


The first incredible versions began to appear soon after the sinking of the liner. For example, it was believed that the cause of the accident was a fire that started several weeks before the start of the fateful voyage in one of the Titanic’s coal bunkers. The flame damaged the interior of the ship’s hull and therefore it was this weakness that meant that the side of the ship could not withstand the impact of the iceberg.

Another version says that an Egyptian mummy was secretly transported aboard the ocean liner which, as you know, is always protected by curses and destroys anyone who disturbs its peace. There is also a story that the ship’s sinking was predicted by writer William Stead who wrote a story about a sunken ship whose passengers died because they did not have enough life jackets.

Some of the Titanic’s surviving passengers later spoke about mysterious lights in the sea around the ship on the night it sank and about the sounds of explosions after which the liner began to sink. So there was a version about a German submarine that attacked the ship.


german submarine

There is also a theory that the sinking of the ship was an attempted murder of just three people. American millionaire JP Morgan, who was supposed to board the Titanic for America, changed his mind at the last moment. But his rivals – millionaires Jacob Astor, Isidore Strauss and Benjamin Guggenheim continued on their last journey and died in the course of an attempt on the life of their cunning rival, taking with them the lives of another 1,500 accidental victims.

It is also known about the version according to which the “Titanic” was replaced by the “Olympic” – a twin steamship that had recently been damaged in an accident. However, the owner, White Star Line, did not have funds for repairs. Therefore it was decided to flood the ship in such a cruel way and get generous insurance.

The newest version of the sinking of the Titanic belongs to scientist Dr. Joseph Hostettler, who in the centenary year of the ship’s sinking put forward the idea that there were large holes in the underwater part of the ship’s hull inflicted by underwater laser weapons. In those years, it could only have been an attack by aliens from space. The scientist also cited evidence of the discovery of an unknown submarine in that area shortly before the sinking of the liner.

Early 20th Century UFOs: American Sightings (1900-1919)


Although the idea of alien-piloted UFOs didn’t really begin to infiltrate public consciousness until the late 1940s, people across America reported seeing strange craft in the skies throughout the early 20th century. As it is, UFOs have been lurking in the shadows of many historical events that are only now coming to light. For example, did you know that Nikola Tesla sincerely believed he received messages from another world in the year 1900? Or that survivors in the waters of the North Atlantic saw strange lights and UFOs when the Titanic sank?

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