The Legend Lives On: Alleged Bloodline of Nephilim Giants on Earth Today P.3

There is so much proof of Nephilim Giants having lived in ancient times that it’s actually quite insane to believe that they’re on the same spectrum as unicorns and fairies.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 4 người

Cliff Dunnin spent his whole life studying this theory and eventually proving it to be true. According to him, these Nephilim Giants were the result of humans and angels procreating and these Giants were anything but peaceful in nature.

They resented their rulers, the Gods, and decided to attack them instead. He also mentioned how these giants might not even look that much like giants anymore because they’ve been evolving alongside us since the beginning of time so we need to drop off any belief that they’re the same as that ancient mythos make them out to be.

Take for example this set of evidence that we’ve uncovered already and see for yourself whether they’re real or not.

– Large bones in stone graves were discovered in the 1800s at the Williamson County and White County, Tennessee.

– Giant skeletons were discovered in the mid-1800s in New York around Rutland and Rodman.

– In 1833, a 12-foot skeleton was discovered near Lompoc Rancho, California.

– Another giant skull and vertebrae were discovered in Wisconsin and Kansas City.

– Another 9 foot and 8 inches skeleton was uncovered near Brewersville, Indiana in 1879.

Incredibly huge skeletons were again discovered in Zanesville, Ohio, and Warren, Minnesota in the 1880s.

– Seven skeletons were discovered in Clearwater Minnesota.

– Giant bones of supposed 8 feet tall men were discovered at Le Crescent, Wisconsin.

– Seven to eight feet tall skeletons were discovered in 1888.

And this is just some of the discoveries that were made in the past couple of hundreds of years.

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