Taylor Swift is compared to the ice queen Elsa.Ts Hung

A series of Hollywood stars are interestingly compared to Disney princess characters.


The success of the recent movie Cinderella brought the Disney fairy tale character into cinema and then from cinema into real life with lead actress Lily James. Accordingly, there have been other interesting comparisons about the similarities between Hollywood stars and Disney princess characters.

Taylor Swift is likened to the ice queen Elsa with her silky blonde hair, talent, and proud presence. Emma Watson is compared to Belle and is considered one of the first Disney princesses. Then personality model Cara Delevingne was compared with Aurora – the sleeping princess…

Let’s come to interesting comparisons between cartoon characters and today’s famous stars with their appearance and fashion .

Emma Watson as Princess Bella

The character Princess Bella demonstrates her feminist spirit by always being independent and determined not to follow what Gaston imposes. In this aspect, both Emma and Belle have a common voice. Actress Emma Watson is currently an ambassador for the United Nations on women ‘s rights and she launched the gender equality campaign “He For She” in September 2014.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 1

Bella and Emma Watson have many similarities

Taylor Swift as ice queen Elsa

With a plump, proud face and youthful ponytail, Taylor’s arrogance reminds people of the determination of the ice queen Elsa. Behind the distant exterior, both have a warm interior.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 2

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 3

Taylor Swift with sequins dress and tied hair.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 4

And Elsa is full of pride

Selena Gomez and Latin princess Elena

Princess Elena in the movie Sofia the First. Elena is Disney’s first Latin American princess. With brown skin and wavy hair, it’s not unlike the incarnation of singer Selena Gomez.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 5

The similarity of Selena Gomez and Latin princess Elena.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 6

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 7

Both have an attractive Latin quality.

Curly-haired Kiersey Clemons and Princess Tiana

The 21-year-old American actress with stylish afro-style curly hair is immediately remembered as Princess Tiana in the famous cartoon The Princess and the Frog.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 8

The attractive resemblance between curly-haired actress Kiersey Clemons and Princess Tiana.

Amanda Seyfried resembles the princess Rapunzel

Amanda Seyfried is an actress who often plays the role of a sweet but determined young lady in the movies Les Miserables, Dear John… With smooth blonde hair and big blue eyes, Amanda really resembles the princess. The Tangled Lord is brave and loving.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 9

Two cloud-haired peacocks!

Jamie Chung and Mulan

Sexy, hot but elegant, Jamie Chung is a notable Korean actress in Hollywood. Jamie Chung’s characteristic Asian slanted eyes immediately remind people of Disney’s character Mulan.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 10

Natural Asian beauty of cartoon characters and Hollywood actresses.

Slum star Freida Pinto and Persian princess Jasmine

Indian actress Freida Pinto has a beautiful, intelligent beauty and brave roles on screen that match Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 11

Their Central Asian origins make them convincingly similar.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 12

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 13

Impressive movie characters with many similarities.

Does rebellious model Cara Delevingne look like Princess Aurora?

They resemble each other because of their distinctive deep blonde hair. Although Cara is extremely personable, not gentle and peaceful like Aurora who slept in the forest for 100 years waiting for the prince to wake her up.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 14

Hair is the attraction and something Cara and Aurora have in common.

Emma Stone as the mermaid Ariel

Emma Stone doesn’t have red hair like the mermaid Ariel, but on Broadway, Emma can sing all day like the red mermaid Ariel under the ocean.

Taylor Swift is compared to ice queen Elsa - 15

It’s not a matter of appearance, but Emma Watson’s clear voice really reminds people of the lovely mermaid.

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