Taylor Swift became a USD billionaire at the age of 33.hung

According to financial news newspaper Bloomberg (USA), revenue from the Eras tour that singer Taylor Swift is conducting has helped her officially join the group of USD billionaires. Currently, not many artists in the international music industry have assets reaching the “billion dollar” level.

What’s even more admirable is that Taylor Swift has built most of her wealth from her singing career.

Unlike other stars, Taylor Swift does not expand her business into areas such as fashion or cosmetics. She mainly focuses on performing and producing music.

Taylor Swift became a USD billionaire at the age of 33 - 1
Taylor Swift has just joined the group of singers with assets reaching “billions of dollars” (Photo: Daily Mail).

According to Bloomberg, after completing performances in the US, Taylor Swift earned 780 million USD from the Eras tour . Soon, she will start touring internationally.

The movie Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour revolves around the 33-year-old female singer’s tour, which is also leading box office revenue in the US. With a production investment of 10 to 20 million USD, the film has earned more than 181 million USD since its release in mid-October.

Currently, Taylor Swift is also actively recording to re-release the albums she has released. The act of re-recording old albums with new features and adding new songs has made Taylor Swift’s plan to re-release old albums very well received by fans. This move also contributes to the increase in the female singer’s wealth.

Almost every major income that appears in Taylor Swift’s fortune comes from her singing career.

Dự đoán vận mệnh của Taylor Swift trong năm 2024 - 2saoBloomberg’s calculations are based on clearly identifiable assets and income. These calculations include the value of 5 real estate properties that Taylor Swift owns with an estimate of about 110 million USD.

The value of songs owned by Taylor Swift is currently estimated at about 400 million USD. Income from online music platforms is estimated to bring Taylor Swift about 120 million USD.

Taylor Swift trở thành tỷ phú USD ở tuổi 33 | Báo Dân trí

Her revenue from record sales is about 80 million USD, revenue from tours and other business activities is about 370 million USD…

From revenues, Taylor Swift also has to pay income tax, invest in tours, pay salaries to staff, and pay remuneration to cooperative units…

Before the latest information about Taylor Swift becoming a USD billionaire, the female singer remained silent and did not comment.

Bloomberg commented that Taylor Swift has gone from being a phenomenal female singer, known since she was a teenager, to becoming a world-famous female singer.

Nhà Trắng lên tiếng về bức ảnh khiêu dâm của Taylor Swift

She builds the image of a talented, friendly, sincere, and lovable female singer. Behind Taylor Swift’s success is a close team that has worked very effectively over the years.

The leader of this group is her biological father – Mr. Scott Swift. Taylor Swift’s biological father has been a strong supporter of his daughter’s career for many years.

Currently, Mr. Scott Swift heads an investment company with connections to about 10 subsidiaries. These subsidiaries specialize in undertaking different tasks related to Taylor Swift’s singing career.

Subsidiaries are in charge of business operations, copyright issues, operating buses for touring activities, real estate management and Taylor Swift’s private jet…

Bloomberg believes that Taylor Swift’s wealth will increase strongly in the future. This prediction is made based on the fact that the female singer is always involved in the composition of the songs she performs. Therefore, Taylor Swift holds the copyright to all of these songs.

She is considered a female singer with good creative ability and persistent and effective artistic energy.

Although the current value of Taylor Swift’s musical fortune is estimated at about 400 million USD, this number promises to increase further because the female singer continues to release new music products.

Bloomberg estimates that Taylor Swift’s music career will be a collection of songs with a copyright value of about $1 billion.

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