Taylor Swift announced “urgent” news before the concert in Singapore, 8 million people “fought” for tickets?TS hung

Taylor Swift ‘s concert in Singapore is currently becoming the focus of all Asia when the number of people registering to buy tickets to attend the show has now surpassed the population of Singapore. Owning a ticket becomes even more difficult.

After officially opening the registration portal to register to buy tickets, the organizer of The Eras Tour Taylor Swift in Singapore recorded more than 8 million registrations. The above 8 million subscribers come not only from Singapore but also from many countries in Southeast Asia, including a large number of Taylor Swift fans from Vietnam. The second Asian location that Taylor Swift stopped at was Japan, but it was not “interested” by the Vietnamese audience because the cost of moving the team was too high, the problem of getting a visa was not certain of being able to pass, as well as many other Asian places. Other problems.


Taylor Swift announces urgent news before her concert in Singapore, 8 million people fighting for tickets? - Figure 1

Usually, on international star tours to Southeast Asia, they will choose to visit Bangkok (Thailand) or Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Jakarta (Indonesia),… this helps “share” the burden. for the audience, making ticket purchasing somewhat easier. But The Eras Tour only comes to Singapore in the schedule, which is no different from “pushing” fans to buy tickets.

Not only Vietnamese audiences but looking around social networks can see that this is the common situation of Taylor Swift fans in Southeast Asia in general. Across social media platforms, Taylor Swift fans in Southeast Asia are complaining about a common problem: demand exceeds supply, even if you have money, you may not be able to buy tickets to see The Eras Tour even if the ticket price is low. quite expensive compared to the general level.

Taylor Swift announces urgent news before her concert in Singapore, 8 million people fighting for tickets? - Figure 2

Taylor Swift’s crew also seems to have been aware of the high demand for tickets through the recent registration day, so they recently announced that they will organize 3 more shows at Singapore National Stadium. So as of now, Swift’s The Eras Tour will perform 6 nights in Singapore (March 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 2024), expected to attract 300 – 330 thousand spectators. .

With a total of 8 million registrations, even if Taylor Swift proactively added 3 concerts, the “competition” ratio is still 1:27, making Singapore the most difficult place for the singer to buy tickets to watch The Eras Tour. But anyway, the fact that Taylor Swift proactively extended 3 more shows has made the “competition odds” somewhat easier!

Taylor Swift announces urgent news before her concert in Singapore, 8 million people fighting for tickets? - Figure 3

The famous TIME magazine then also commented on the Singaporean “phenomenon” in the fight for tickets to attend the show among Southeast Asian audiences. TIME gave a notable statistic: the entire population of Singapore is less than 6 million people while there are up to 8 million registrations to buy tickets, a huge number that exceeds the population of this country.

In Vietnam, the concerts of both Taylor Swift in Singapore and BLACKPINK are almost “collapsed” as they will have to use all their strength on July 7. Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK are both famous stars around the world with a large fan base. Therefore, just thinking about “hunting for tickets” for each party’s concert makes fans “stress their brains”, just being a little lax or losing focus can be slow, losing the ticket and the desired position.

Taylor Swift announces urgent news before her concert in Singapore, 8 million people fighting for tickets? - Figure 4

Those who choose to “see the concert” of Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK at these two locations will have to put more effort into quickly moving between the two ticket booking websites. Luckily, the opening hours of Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK are about 1 hour apart, so the difficulty has been reduced somewhat and the “ticket hunters” still have time off.

As for Taylor Swift, according to Page Six, before the re-release of her album Speak Now, through sharing with the audience, Taylor Swift implicitly expressed her wish for fans to stop cyber violence against John Mayer, the singer’s ex-boyfriend. . This album was first released in 2010, after the two stars broke up after only 3 months of dating. The owner of the song All Too Well then encouraged the fan community to spread the kindness and kindness she saw during the concert after the album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) was released on July 7.

Taylor Swift announces urgent news before her concert in Singapore, 8 million people fighting for tickets? - Figure 5

“I’m 33 years old and I no longer care about what happened when I was 19. I only care about the songs I wrote and the fact that I now own them. The purpose of this album is not must let you attack someone who you think I wrote about 14 billion years ago,” she shared. Although she did not directly mention John Mayer’s name, the female singer performed the song Dear John immediately after her speech. Taylor said this is a special performance of the show.

Taylor Swift announces urgent news before her concert in Singapore, 8 million people fighting for tickets? - Figure 6

Taylor Swift reveals the reason for breaking up with her new boyfriend is because… Rosé, it all started from one photo? Kiko 11 months agoAfter the news that Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend, Matty Healy, have gone their separate ways, people are currently confused by the news that Rosé (BLACKPINK) is the reason why the Bad Blood singer broke up with her new boyfriend.

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