SPIDER MAN: Andre Onana makes a ‘world class’ double save, dubbed ‘messiah’ by Man Utd fans

Manchester United’s goalie Andre Onana got a lot of praise for making two great saves that kept his team in the game when they went to Brentford.

Manchester United on X: "André Onana  https://t.co/COeggbJorE" / X


It looks like Andre Onana has turned things around at Manchester United.


Erik ten Hag’s summer signing may not have had a great start to his time at Old Trafford, but he looked great against Brentford on Saturday. That the Red Devils got a share of the spoils was mostly because of the Cameroon goalie.

107 pha cứu thua tại Ngoại hạng Anh, "quả bom xịt" hoá thành bùa hộ mệnh MUThomas Frank couldn’t understand why his team couldn’t take the lead at the Gtech Community Stadium, even though they kept shooting at Onana’s goal. And a great double save from United’s first goalie around the hour mark kept them from losing face.

MU chơi hòa kịch tính trước Brentford: Erik ten Hag may mắn


The shot from Yegor Yarmoluk from 12 yards out made the former Ajax and Inter Milan goalkeeper’s reactions test. But the reaction on the rebound to Keane Lewis-Potter’s follow-up was what really stood out.

Brentford 1 Man Utd 1: Were United a bit rubbish? Will the Mainoo hype  train slow down? - The Athletic


“Those scuff shots are sometimes the ones that beat keepers,” Alan Smith, an analyst for Sky Sports, said. “But he’s back up on his feet so quickly!”


It almost didn’t matter how heroic Onana was because replacement Mason Mount scored after 97 minutes to seal all three points. The United defense was finally broken at the very end, though, when Kristoffer Ajer earned a draw for the Bees.

Exceptional' Manchester United starter v Brentford praised, MUTV pundit  says he's silenced his critics


Ten Hag’s team was crushed in just a few minutes. They thought Mount’s first goal for the club had given them a dramatic win, but their lead was quickly erased. Even though Onana was at fault, he couldn’t do much to stop the late finish.

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