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I, like many readers of our channel, lived in the 90s of the last century. The times, frankly speaking, were difficult, ambiguous, and most importantly, there was no confidence in the future, as there is today. Everything was sold and exported from the country. Documents were declassified and, which is not particularly good, those of them that were strictly secrets were published in the public domain and sold to our sworn “friends” for pennies.

In 1994, I came across a publication in one of the popular publications at that time. It was simply called: “The Secret of the Dungeons from the Urals to Sakhalin.” I was very interested in the material it contained. It must be said that quite a lot has been said about tunnels and underground cities, as well as entire civilizations in the depths of the Urals and to the east. Here the author referred to the top leadership of the USSR and various geological authorities of the country.

It all started in 1949, when at the next government meeting it was decided to connect the mainland and Sakhalin with an underground railway. This project was of a strategic, social and geopolitical nature. In 1950, preparations for its implementation began, and several dozen groups of geologists, engineers and other specialists went to the eastern borders of the USSR. The primary task was to foresee all the risks, as well as estimate the cost and expenditure of funds for the implementation of such an ambitious project.

One of the specialists who visited the Khabarovsk Territory was Mikhail Stepanovich Kuzenkov. It was he who was responsible for the planning verdict. Under his leadership there were more than 200 employees from various industries. During numerous checks, it was possible to discover gigantic voids both under the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory and under Sakhalin itself. Moreover, earlier similar cavities were found by researchers in the Crimea, the Urals, the Caspian Sea, and the Altai. But here we were talking about a truly huge dungeon system.

Someone had already been here before people.

Mikhail Kuzenkov noted in the report that the project to build an underground railway connecting the mainland and Sakhalin can be implemented exclusively by using existing voids. In fact, he was hinting to the Soviet government that someone had already done most of the work for them before. True, the specialist considered these formations to be geological, that is, natural. It never occurred to him that another civilization could have existed here thousands of years ago, or, say, hundreds.

After studying the reporting sheet, to the surprise of everyone, in the fall of 1950, the project was declared unprofitable. But what is the real reason for abandoning such an important part of the infrastructure? The publication referred to the testimony of two former intelligence officers and certain documents declassified in 1992. It turned out that after the geologists, representatives of the special services came to the region. Initially a small contingent, but by August there were more than 200 people there, not counting the military, who cordoned off the area and did not allow any of the local residents into the territory. However, the areas there are practically uninhabited.

It turned out that the total area of ​​the dungeons could not be measured, but according to various estimates, the length was more than 400 kilometers. The beginning of this underground network or its end is located in the central part of Sakhalin and goes through numerous corridors to the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory through the Nevelskoy Strait. Moreover, these tunnels pass under the bottom, which would be extremely difficult and almost impossible for people to create even with the use of modern technologies.

One of the lucky ones who managed to visit the dungeons in the Far East was Leonid Svetly. He was the main informant together with Evgeniy Pronin. The first hundreds of meters of the complex really looked like processed caves, but then there were clearly artificial tunnels and rooms. The walls had a perfectly flat surface. After walking several kilometers, experts came across the first traces of the creatures being here – something rusty, rotten, but clearly technologically advanced.

But what is much more interesting is that dead creatures, devices, and equipment of unknown purpose were discovered in the depths. Leonid Svetly claimed that a total of 18 bodies, possibly aliens, were found. They were not people. They were unable to examine them – their bodies literally crumbled into dust at the slightest touch. There was no talk of transportation. The same cannot be said about the technology and equipment discovered in the depths of the dungeons. Although many things were in a deplorable state, these samples were of enormous value to USSR engineers. Due to inaccessibility and distance from the central infrastructure of the USSR, logistical problems made themselves felt. Therefore, the export of the samples of interest lasted for decades.

Non-human creatures and unknown technical devices were discovered.

In 1951, a decree on classifying the facility came into force. It is believed that some technologies were removed, but the main mass remained there, in the depths. Perhaps in the following decades it was slowly studied and used in industry, in the military and space industries.

Evgeny Pronin also went down into the dungeons and confirmed everything told by Leonid Svetly. According to him, there was a lot of different equipment there, completely different from human equipment. In those years, it was difficult to even think about something like that, and it made some people feel uncomfortable.

From 1951 to 1992, the history of this underground complex remained under seven locks. No one knows what they managed to take out over the years, and what technical achievements, including the discovery of unknown dungeons, became the property of mankind.

It is interesting that after the “secret” classification was removed, crowds of enthusiasts did not flock to the region to independently find the entrances to the tunnels. By the way, similar information surfaced in 1993 and 1995. in France and England. Probably our authorities sold some documentation to the West in the 90s. But there is an assumption that in the decades after the discovery of the object, everything of interest was removed from it.

The topic of discovering underground complexes of previous or even extraterrestrial civilizations is quite popular. Such objects are found in many countries around the world. Another thing is that the special services do not allow scientists, researchers, or anyone else to see them. And it is possible to learn about the existence of such only in retrospect from declassified documents. So no one even knows how many similar objects are located on the territory of at least Russia, not to mention Eurasia or the whole world.

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