Rare Discovery: Unseen Photos Allegedly Capture American Encounters with Aliens P.3

Renowned American ufologist Tom Carey has stirred controversy by unveiling purportedly authentic photographs of an extraterrestrial body recovered from the highly classified Area 51 in the United States.Area 51, notorious for safeguarding military secrets, has long been speculated by ufologists who believe it conceals extraterrestrial bodies and serves as a hub for experiments on aliens visiting Earth.

The released photos, including one depicting a blurred image of the alleged alien, are said to be linked to the infamous “Roswell Case” from the late 1940s. This incident is believed to involve the capturing of spaceships and aliens that crashed in the United States. The images have supposedly been concealed by American authorities for decades.

Carey (photo) is a world-renowned ufologist. She defends the veracity of the images saying they were not edited.

Carey revealed part of her investigation to the world at a press conference and released new photos from her archive.

She made a documentary in which experts say they confirm that the images in question are films and slides from 1947, the time of the supposed appearance of ETs in New Mexico. The extraterrestrial life investigator said that this image shows an “alien” reconstructed in a computer program from the slides found.

But there are real images, according to the ufologist, of aliens. The photo of the alleged alien indicates that it would be a creature measuring approximately 1.20 meters, with a disproportionately large head and insect-like eyes. The material was hidden for years in the home of a friendly American couple, Bernard and Hilda Blair Ray.

The blades were found among the couple’s belongings after they died.

The “Roswell Affair” began in July 1947

That year, the US Military captured a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico.

Farmer William Mac Brazel reportedly found the UFO wreckage on his land, which was soon captured by the US military.

At the time, Brazel confirmed the story in an interview. The Roswell Case is the best known in the world involving UFOs

Authorities and scientists would have found extraterrestrials, who ended up dying and being dissected

There are dozens of conspiracy theories on the subject.

Now, Carey says she has analyzed photos taken exactly that year that prove the alien’s autopsy was performed.

The American said he also received a film with images of this famous autopsy

He sent it to photography experts, who were said to have verified the authenticity of the films

The images were sent to employees, Carey told Kodak’s British newspaper Mirror. Show the alien being dissected by doctors

It has black and white and color images. The military would keep other secrets from this episode, including photos of the supposed ship that shot down

They would also show details about the existence of aliens, all kept in a secret military base with restricted access.

“After the procedure, the body was embalmed and stored in cameras in a laboratory,” said the ufologist.

The photos were verified by Kodak experts as the film was shot with Kodak products.

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