‘Pinky soft vibes’: Selena Gomez proves she’s spotlight in any crowded when wearing limited silk pink dress with luxury heel at the launch of Rare Beauty’s new powder blush at Studio 525 in New York

The 31-year-old singer looked stunning as she donned an all pink ensemble that consisted of a dress with light floral pattern

On Saturday in New York, Selena Gomez celebrated the debut of her brand’s gentle pinch radiant powder blush.

Selena Gomez celebrated the the launch of her brand Rare Beauty's soft pinch luminous powder blush in New York on Saturday

The singer, 31, looked amazing in an all-pink outfit that included a baby pink coat slung over her shoulders and a dress with a subtle floral pattern.

Her brown hair was worn free and parted slightly to the side, creating a sixties-inspired look with volume in the back.


The Wizards of Waverly Place star posed with her newest product while accessorizing with silver jewelry and pink heels.

Influencers including Alessya Farrugia, Pearse Renfree, and Jaeda Marie were also present at the pink-themed celebration.

The pop sensation debuted six new hues of power blush, the newest addition to her beauty line.

Previously, her brand offered a limited selection of liquid blush hues.

Attendees had the opportunity to test out and see the product before it was available on store shelves.

She wore her brown locks loose in a slightly side parted style with volume in the back giving a sixty's-esque appearance

In support of the music singer who is now a company owner, several people wore pink.

Gomez just revealed her goofy side to her followers last week when she shared a TikTok video of herself showcasing the newest blush enhancements.

Selena spoke to the crowd inside‘Me when I introduce a new product to the Rare Beauty line you all ask for,’ she commented in the video, flashing one of the power blushes over an audio that laughs and says, ‘Again.’

Selena posed with her Rare Beauty PR and influencer team

“Clearly SUPER serious about my new @RareBeauty Soft Pinch Luminous Powder Blush,” she said in the post. No, but I’m really eager for you guys to give it a try at last.

She was seen arriving to the event

With 2.8 grams of product and six hue options, each blush compact costs $26.

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