Nicki Minaj Surprises Fans with BIA Collaboration on “Pink Friday 2 World Tour” in Boston.hung

Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday 2 World Tour” made its first stop in Boston on Monday (April 8) night. During her set, the rapper brought out former collaborator BIA to perform their hit single, “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY (Remix).”

Nicki Minaj and BIA

In a clip shared online, the pair could be seen hugging one another before Minaj’s featured verse on the track. “Boston, sing this with me,” BIA shouted as the crowd chanted. Taking to Twitter this morning (April 9), the self-coined Perico Princess shared her reaction: “Gag City was tea.”

BIA’s surprise appearance was just one of the thrilling moments during Minaj’s trek so far. The “Super Freaky Girl” artist previously welcomed 50 Cent on stage at her Madison Square Garden concert and 2 Chainz during her second Atlanta show.

On Monday, Touring Data reported that Minaj’s “Pink Friday 2 World Tour” set a new record for the most concerts by a female rapper to gross over $2 million in ticket sales each. She reacted to the news via Instagram Live, thanking attendees for making the accomplishment possible.

“We made female rap history, I think as of today, with how many sold-out shows and how many shows have grossed over $2 million,” Minaj shared. “So, I just want to thank everybody that’s been coming out. I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought that this tour… I mean, I did keep saying, ‘It’s going to be this. It’s going to be that.’ Let me tell you something: The other component that I didn’t factor in was you guys, your energy. I just will always be thankful, period.”

Later this month, Minaj is slated to perform in cities like Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago and Columbus. Late May will mark the beginning of her U.K. and European leg, which includes shows in Birmingham, London and Manchester, to mention a few.

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