New decoding of Lil Wayne’s face tattoos: The owner of the tattoos said.mariko

Lots more Lil Wayne tattoo photos are underneath. Weezy has tatts on her face, ears, neck, shoulders, chest, back, arms, hands, fingers, and legs. This page will be updated when Wayne gets a tattoo. Images are enlarged by clicking on thumbnails.

Lil Wayne’s face and neck tattoos include “Feаr God” on his eyelids.

Breaks on his forehead.

His face has “Misunderstood” written on it since he often feels misunderstood.

– Inner lip smile.

– I Am Music above his right eyebrow.

The “fleur-de-lis” insignia for his native New Orleans under his right sideburn.

– He has three tears for his family members that died.

The “C” between his eyes represents his mother Cita and surname Carter.

The three dots on his left eye represent ‘laugh, think, and cry’.


A “W” and “Weezy” on his neck for his nickname.

– His old Young Money record label emblem on his neck.

– ‘Soo Woo’ on his neck, a Bloods phrase.

A gu𝚗 around his neck.

#TUNE on his left ear is his nickname.

He has 9 stars on his face, 3 of which are glow-in-the-dark tattoos.

A glow-in-the-dark neck lip tattoo.

– “Lucky Me” on his neck, his favorite Jay Z song.

His cheeks have a peace symbol, rocket, and lightning bolts.

A map of Africa above his left eyebrow.

“17” for his native 17th Ward of New Orleans.

A stitch on his left face.

Glasses on his forehead.

The Eye of Providence on his chin.

“Mumma’s Boy” in Arabic over his left eye.

– Dynamite logo “TNT”.

– The power symbol under his left sideburn.

– His left face has a “5 strikes” sign, cloud, and thunderbolt.

He had “BAKED” on his forehead for skateboards.

– Deathwish logo and happy face alongside his right eyebrow.

– Right side of face near to ear: 5Boro bird logo.

– He wears a flower in his left ear and “No Evil” in his right for “hear no evil”.

“Imperfect” on his right jaw with one letter facing the other.

– His mother requested him cover a tear drop on his cheek with a tribal emblem.


Lil Wayne’s chest and arm tattoos include “M.O.B.” (for “Money Over BitcҺes” and “Member Of Bloods”).

– “Cash Money” on his stomach for his first record label.

The number “17” on his tummy represents his hometown.

– “BR

– A martian on his arm to prove his alienity.

“9-27-82” on his right arm for his birthdate.

His chest has veins/cracks on both sides.

– “Baby” and “Slim” on both shoulders with a bird for Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams, whom he has admired as father figures since they signed him to Cash Money Records at 11.

His left bicep has the Rolls Royce insignia, his favorite vehicle brand.

He inked a red skull on his breаst with “PIRU” to represent his Bloods gаng affiliation.

– “ESPN” on his left arm, his favorite sports channel.

He wrote “Nae” on both arms for his daughter Reginae Carter.

His nickname Birdman Jr. is written “BM” and “JR” on each navel side.


– “Sikk Fukk” over his chest red star.

His sides have angel wings.

A Louisiana map on his back.

One skull on his back.

– “Apple Eagle” on his breаst for his childhood street.

– “DAMU” on his breаst, a Bloods gаng term for “blооd” or “brother”.

Wayne got “In Memory Of Rabbit: It’s Up To Me” on his forearm, one of his first and favorite tatts. Wayne lost his stepfather Rabbit as a child.


Lil Wayne includes a prayer on his back tattoo.


Lil Wayne has tattoos of ‘Hоt’ and ‘Boy’ on both hands, honoring his early rap duo, Hоt Boys.

– “A gu𝚗” on his right palm indicates “a gu𝚗 in his hand”.

– “The world” on his left palm to symbolize “the world in his hands”.

– “SQAD” and “SҺIT” over his fingers for his former rap group Sqad Up.

– The word “TRIGGER” on his right index finger.


Leg tattoos of Lil Wayne include the Boston Red Sox emblem on his upper thigh.

– “Young Money” inside his right leg.

– His old clothing line TRUKFIT logo.

– “Belfast” on his left leg for street.


Lil Wayne has other tattoos, including a whole penιs depiction. Checkers on his bum.

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