Mexican fans enthusiastically welcomed Lionel Messi as he and Inter Miami prepared for the rematch with Monterrey in the Concachampions quarterfinals.

Lionel Messi went with Inter Miami to Monterrey, Mexico to prepare to face the home team in the second leg of the Concachampions quarterfinals. The whole team moved from the airport to the hotel by 2 buses, in the front were 2 police cars, in the back were 2 armed guards. Fans waited for him at the Quinta Real hotel and welcomed him with excitement. However, police set up a 200-meter fence to prevent any access.

Among the thousands of fans, there was a young man named Hector Trejo, who traveled from Guajaca, 1,300 km away, just to meet Messi. He said he didn’t have tickets to watch the match between Rayados de Monterrey and Inter Miami but showed off the tattoo of Messi winning the World Cup on his chest.

Messi is welcomed in Mexico

Earlier at the airport, some fans shouted: “Messi, are you scared? We will beat you 3-0.”

After losing 1-2 at home in the first leg, Inter Miami was forced to win in Mexico to hope to advance to the Concachampions. This burden is placed on Messi, who recently returned from injury and immediately scored in the recent draw with Colorado Rapids in MLS.

Some images of Mexican fans welcoming Messi

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