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Manchester United club once again showed its instability by after a heroic draw with Liverpool, they immediately lost 0-2 to West Ham in the following round. It seems that Erik ten Hag’s version of Manchester United is one that doesn’t know, or can’t, attack effectively.

Manchester United continued to show a bad side through a 0-2 loss to West Ham.
Manchester United continued to show a bad side through a 0-2 loss to West Ham.

In round 17, Manchester United gave fans hope again when they held a goalless draw with Liverpool at the top of the rankings, a match in which many people could only predict how much the red half of Manchester would lose. table, when the performance of these two clubs can only be used to describe the situation. That was the match in which coach Erik ten Hag and his team played really bravely, making many fans feel that the “light at the end of the tunnel” for Manchester United may have come, when this club was able to play better after a series of matches without knowing the smell of victory.

But right after that, in the match against West Ham, the opponent ranked behind them, an opponent they had won a lot in the past, the expectation was that they could get all 3 points to improve their position on the rankings. was doused in cold water with a humiliating 0-2 loss, a loss that coach Erik ten Hag and his team reminded people of the previous 0-3 loss to Bournemouth. That’s because the common point of these defeats is that Manchester United players did not show any real style of play, but almost only expected individual efforts to “save the teacher”.

If only looking at the ball control index, it seems that Manchester United is the dominant team, as they control 65% of the ball. But in reality, West Ham is the better team when they have more shots, more accurate with 12 shots and 5 shots with 2 goals, compared to 11 shots 3 times. Accurate finish without any goals from Manchester United. In addition, West Ham had 36 attacks with 28 dangerous attacks, and Manchester United had 48 attacks with 21 dangerous attacks. West Ham’s expected number of goals is also much higher than Manchester United’s with 1.35 compared to 0.92.

What does this say? That is Manchester United’s ineffective attack ability. Their high ball control index simply means they hold the ball a lot in their home field or midfield, but when they put the ball through the opponent’s field, it’s obvious. Manchester United are not as effective as West Ham players. Although coach Erik ten Hag does not want to mention this issue, he only mentions that Manchester United has better possession of the ball, but it is clear that the numbers do not lie.

So why was Manchester United able to draw with a Liverpool team that was much stronger than West Ham? Simply because for Liverpool, coach Erik ten Hag and his team did not want or could not attack, but only focused their attention on defense, which in fact they did well. That was a match in which Liverpool controlled the ball 68% of the time, launching 34 shots compared to Manchester United’s 6 shots without being able to score any goals.

But for lower-rated clubs like West Ham or Bournemouth, Manchester United clearly cannot defend to the death, they must attack to win, to improve their position on the rankings. . But once they attack, this club’s problems are immediately exposed. If they can’t attack, conceding a goal due to a counterattack is… very normal. So can Manchester United now only focus on defending and attacking, no matter who the opponent is?

Coach Erik ten Hag can explain the reason for Manchester United’s poor performance recently, by the fact that many key players in the main squad are injured and cannot play. But the problem with the club’s playing style clearly belongs to the professional aspect, belongs to the coaching aspect. If the red half of Manchester cannot have a clear, effective playing style, suitable for what they have, then the responsibility must definitely belong to the coach, and cannot always be blamed on the players. Okay.

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