Looking back at Serena Williams’ 27 years as ‘queen of tennis’.TS Hung

Tennis history will certainly forever remember the name Serena Williams, as an unrivaled fighting machine in all fronts in which she participated. Serena is the owner of a huge Grand Slam collection, with a total of 39 titles, including 23 individual Grand Slams, 14 doubles victories and 2 mixed doubles championships.

Serena has won 349 matches at Grand Slam tournaments, far ahead of legendary Martina Navratilova (306 wins). She was the owner of 186 consecutive weeks holding the number 1 position in the world, equal to the legendary Steffi Graf.

Serena has changed a part of tennis history. The success of her and her sister Venus opened a new door for black tennis players, shattering stereotypes that tennis was a white sport.

According to Mouratoglou, Serena has discovered a weapon called “intimidation in tennis”, where Serena’s mere presence is enough to make her opponent afraid.

In her first professional season, 16-year-old Serena Williams was awarded a wildcard into the 1997 Ameritech Cup. She defeated then-ranked Mary Pierce and Monica Seles, losing to Lindsay Davenport in the semifinals. ended while playing with an injured ankle. Photo: The Guardian
Serena (left), attending with her sister Venus Williams at Wimbledon in 1997. Photo: The Guardian
In her first Grand Slam event, Serena lost to her sister in the second round of the 1998 Australian Open. Photo: The Guardian
In 1999, Williams defeated four former champions, reaching the final of the US Open, where she took the crown from world number one Martina Hingis to become the only African-American woman to win a tournament. big fight. Photo: The Guardian
During an injury-plagued season in 2000, Serena lost to her sister Venus in the Wimbledon semi-finals. The two sisters continue to raise the number of women’s doubles titles. Photo: The Guardian
The two sisters faced each other again in the 2002 Wimbledon final… Photo: The Guardian
…Serena won for the first time, in straight sets, to achieve her first world No. 1 ranking. Photo: The Guardian
Venus took a photo of her sister after they met again in the 2003 Wimbledon final. Photo: The Guardian
Williams plays against Victoria Azarenka at Wimbledon Center Court in 2009. Photo: The Guardian
Serena went on to defeat her sister in another Wimbledon final in 2009. Photo: The Guardian
Williams expressed her disappointment when losing to Marion Bartoli in the 2011 Wimbledon tournament due to injury. Photo: The Guardian
Williams regained form the following year when she defeated Agnieszka Radwańska in the 2012 final. Photo: The Guardian
Williams returned in her match against Victoria Azarenka on Center Court on day eight of Wimbledon 2015. She continued to demand another title. Photo: The Guardian
Williams leaves the court with Venus Rosewater Dish after defeating Garbiñe Muguruza in the 2015 Wimbledon final. Photo: The Guardian
Williams celebrates her victory over Angelique Kerber in the 2016 Wimbledon final – her seventh Wimbledon title and 22nd grand slam title. Photo: The Guardian
…that same year, she also won the women’s doubles title with her sister Venus. Photo: The Guardian
Williams in her match with Nicole Gibbs at the 2017 Australian Open… Photo: The Guardian
Where she went on to defeat her sister once again in the final. Photo: The Guardian
Williams celebrates winning a point in the mixed doubles match with Andy Murray on day eight of the 2019 Wimbledon tennis championships. Photo: The Guardian
Williams was disappointed by her defeat when playing against Simona Halep in the 2019 Wimbledon final. Photo: The Guardian
Williams celebrates with daughter Alexis Olympia after winning the ASB final in New Zealand in 2020. Photo: The Guardian
Williams defeated Naomi Osaka in the semi-finals of the Australian Open 2021. Photo: The Guardian
Serena Williams attends the 2021 Met Gala in New York. Photo: The Guardian

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