Lionel Messi officially posted a statement about his retirement, impressing those who like football and creating a partition controversy in the discussion of fan art.-ts-thanhdung

When Lionel Messi discussed retirement in an interview with the Argentine press, many fans sighed.

Chủ tịch FIFA: 'Messi là đại sứ cấp cao nhất của bóng đá' -

The fact is that I haven’t given it much attention yet; instead, I make an effort to savor each day as it comes without going overboard. Speaking to MBC’s Big Time Podcast, Lionel Messi stated, “I still don’t have anything clear, I hope to continue playing for a while longer, that’s what I like.”

Tiết lộ chi tiết bản hợp đồng của Messi với Inter Miami

Messi started to bring up and elaborate on the taboo subject of retiring from the game. Nobody wants to admit it, but it will undoubtedly come to pass eventually. It is biologically impossible for the best player to play football their entire life. He wants to extend his career as long as possible, though, with Messi.

Messi, who is 37 years old, is still not considering retiring.

Without finishing his statement, he remarked, “I know that the moment I felt like I was no longer able to perform, that I no longer had any results, that I couldn’t help my colleagues.”

Messi also knows when to give up: “I’m a very critical person to myself. I’m aware of my strengths and weaknesses, as well as when I perform well and poorly. And I act without considering my age when I feel it’s time to take that move. I’ll always strive to keep playing if I’m feeling well since that’s what I enjoy and am skilled at,” he said.

Lionel Messi pondrá rumbo a la MLS para jugar con el Inter de Miami –  Publinews

Messi opted to recuperate in Miami instead of joining the Argentina squad due to a hamstring ailment. Coach Tata Martino made reference to his student’s condition a few days ago, saying, “This will be an important week to see his progress.” He should soon resume his regular work schedule if nothing out of the ordinary occurs.

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