Kylie Jenner always shows off her wealth with photos taken with super cars.mariko

Kylie Jenner is young, but her car collection shames even the most dedicated collector. The nearly billionaire works hard for her money and wants to spend it on good things, but she’s been criticized for flaunting her wealth—she deleted one car photo after receiving abuse. Can you blame her?

Kylie has a dream garage. Although she loves Rolls-Royces, she posted a white Bugatti Chiron on Instagram in October 2019. Kylie Cosmetics founder captured stunning blue, taupe, maroon Wraith with black racing stripes, and white G~�оst.

Kylie sometimes wraps and paints her cars instead of buying new ones. The Life of Kylie actress likes customization. In July 2020, her black Rolls-Royce’s doorframe said “Stormi’s Mom” and “special build”. She likes automobiles but is always a parent.

In September 2021, Kylie told Vogue that Stormi “chooses” her car daily, which is cute. Fun toddler!

Her best car may be her black Ferrari LaFerrari. Before purchasing, a checklist is necessary due to its beauty and rarity. Rᴜmor states that acquiring five Ferraris is necessary to obtain one of the 499 supercars. Kylie adores the brand and has a yellow Spider and blue Italia.

The brunette beauty apparently paid nothing for the $1.5 million expensive car. Travis Scott, her on-and-off lover, allegedly gave her a push present after welcoming daughter Stormi Webster in February 2018.

She possesses a black G550 4×4, maroon G-Wagon, black G-Wagon, and a grey Maybach from ex-Tyga. She likes huge automobiles, but her collection is unknown.

The collection is serious. She has driven for less than a decade, but her whips cost $150,000 to $1.5 million! We’re excited.

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