Kim Kardashian was sued for introducing counterfeit goods.TS Thao

US Billionaire Kim Kardashian, 44 years old, was sued for making false statements and introducing counterfeit furniture, affecting the brand’s reputation.

According to Reuters on March 27, The Judy Foundation – the organization that preserves the legacy of the late sculptor Donald Judd – filed a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian in California Federal Court. The plaintiff said that in 2022, Kim posted a video on YouTube introducing the office of skin care company SKKN, and showing off the La Mansana Table 22 table and Chair 84 chairs designed by Judd. In fact, it is a product of furniture company Clements Design (Los Angeles), not The Judd Foundation.

The table was accused of plagiarism in a 2022 video. Photo: YouTube Kim Kardashian
A table and chair set designed by Clements Design, allegedly a counterfeit product, appeared in a 2022 video. Photo: YouTube Kim Kardashian

According to the lawsuit, The Judd Foundation argued that Kim Kardashian’s statement could confuse users about the origin of the table and chairs in the video, as well as the news that both sides had cooperated. The Judy Foundation also has regulations that prohibit customers from using its furniture for marketing and advertising purposes.

A representative of The Judd Foundation said he contacted Kim Kardashian three days after the video was posted. She apologized and suggested adding captions and editing the content, but the organization did not agree. They want Kim to delete the video and publicly explain the problem. Kim Kardashian’s refusal left The Judd Foundation with “no choice” but to file a lawsuit.

“Our brand does not want to be confused with the product Kim Kardashian mentioned. We respect what she does but do not want to get involved,” a lawyer for The Judy Foundation told the New York Times on March 27. . Currently, the video with more than 3.6 million views has been taken down from the platform.

American billionaire Kim Kardashian. Photo: Reuters
American billionaire Kim Kardashian. Photo: Reuters

In addition, The Judd Foundation also accused Clements Design of unfair competition and copyright and trademark infringement by imitating Donald Judd’s designs. Interviewed with the New York Times on March 27, Rainer Judd – the late artist’s daughter – said that furniture is an indispensable part of her father’s legacy. “The appearance of fake items will erode the integrity of the original works my father left behind,” she said.

According to Elle Decor , the original La Mansana Table 22 made of wood costs 90,000 USD, each accompanying chair is sold for about 9,000 USD. A representative of the organization said the brand has sold only three tables and 350 chairs in the past 15 years. Rainer Judd said that furniture plays an important role in The Judy Foundation’s revenue, accounting for nearly half of the brand’s income.

La Mansana Table 22 and Chair 84. Photo: Judd Foundation
Table set “La Mansana Table 22” and chair “Chair 84”. Photo: Judd Foundation

According to Page Six , Kim Kardashian has not yet spoken about the lawsuit, but Clements Design rejected The Judd Foundation’s arguments, saying they have no value. The company said the designs were clearly different and was “startled” by the allegations. The business says it has attempted to resolve the issue amicably but has not received a response from the organisation.

The Judd Foundation was also surprised by Clements Design’s argument when they were the one constantly seeking explanations from the company and Kim Kardashian, according to Page Six .

Donald Judd (1928-1994), was an American sculptor and minimalist. He is considered a veteran of the American art world in the 20th century. Many of Judd’s works are displayed at major exhibition areas such as the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and Tate Modern (London).

Kim Kardashian , born in 1980, is an American reality television star, known for the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians . She is famous in Hollywood with more than a hundred million followers on Instagram. According to Forbes , she currently has assets of 1.7 billion USD. She founded the fashion label Skims in 2019, launching the skin care brand SKKN in 2022. Kim married Kanye West in 2014 and broke up in 2021, and has four children.

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