John Cena is arguably the GOAT of WWE wrestling. Having tied Ric Flair with the most world championships in the WWE, it’s ultimately possible that Cena surpasses Flair in the near future. Although Cena has stayed away from the squared circle these days, there’s no doubt Cena is carving out a legacy that extends to Hollywood. But with Cena’s contributions to the WWE, have you ever wondered how a WWE world champion like him lives? Well, wonder no more. This article features John Cena’s $4 million mansion in Land O’ Lakes, Tampa Bay, Florida.

Debuting in WWE in 2002, John Cena needed time to establish himself in the WWE. Three years later, he finally became a WWE Champion. Around this time, after becoming a household name, Cena upgraded his lifestyle by purchasing a 10,692 square foot property containing the house for $525,000. But after Cena renovated the home, the property has now skyrocketed to millions of dollars. Although Cena prefers to keep his live off the ring private, the public eye got a glimpse of his lavish home after it was featured in the reality show called Total Bellas.

Here are some photos of John Cena’s $4 million mansion in Land O’ Lakes, Tampa Bay, Florida.

Image 5_the Cigar room _© Youtube

Image 3_The indoor pool house_© Youtube
Image 2_Air view of the house_©

Photos courtesy of Rethinking the Future