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Alexis Mac Allister revealed how Argentina function in Lionel Messi’s absence as he admitted opponents are “more afraid” when the captain is around.

Mac Allister spoke about Messi’s absence Messi suffered an injury against Nashville Argentina face Costa Rica on Wednesday




The Liverpool midfielder claimed that La Albiceleste try to be “stronger” in the absence of their talismanic skipper Messi, as he claimed that opponents are “more afraid” of the team when the 37-year-old is on the pitch.


Lionel Messi #10 of Inter Miami

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Messi pulled out of the international friendlies for March after suffering an injury during Inter Miami’s CONCACAF Champions Cup clash against Nashville. Since then, the former Barcelona star has missed his club’s MLS clash against DC United and then decided not to join Lionel Scaloni’s side for the friendly matches.


During an interview with ESPN, Mac Allister stated, “We always place a lot of emphasis on the group and the team.” We are aware that when Leo is not around, we will need to become even more powerful since we will not have that player who can come to our rescue in the event that things go into a downward spiral.

“We are aware that when Leo is present, they (the competitors) are a little more guarded, and this is a natural reaction. We also have players who are currently playing for major teams in Europe, and when they see the Argentine National Team, they are aware that it is not going to be an easy match. This is exactly what we want this match to be like. We want to give it our all in order to produce a challenging day for our competitor.


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Sao bóng đá tiết lộ điều giúp Messi trở thành "người đội trưởng đáng ngưỡng mộ"


Following their victory over El Salvador by a score of 3-0, the reigning world champions are feeling a great deal of confidence. They will next compete against Costa Rica in a friendly match on Wednesday, as they continue to get ready for the Copa America in 2024.

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