HUMAN FLESH. MU has not “turned around” with greenwood

Talking to CaughtOffside, journalist Fabrizio Romano gave an update on the British star’s future.

As revealed by Fabrizio Romano, Manchester United will reevaluate Mason Greenwood’s future, but the Red Devils’ current plan is still to liquidate this player at the end of the season. The Italian journalist said:

“They need to resolve the future of players who can be sold, such as Jadon Sancho and Mason Greenwood. As for Greenwood, I still know that the current idea is to liquidate this player, so that the club make money from him.”

Attaching Greenwood is a deal

 Greenwood will likely still leave Old Trafford.

“Despite the reports, so far, I have received no information about Lazio and Greenwood. Many clubs are monitoring Greenwood, but all are waiting to know Man United’s final position. Lazio has wanted Greenwood on the final transfer day of last summer, but from what I heard, Getafe is still leading the race.”

Besides Lazio, Greenwood has recently been linked with many other top clubs across Europe, including another representative from Serie A, Juventus.

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