‘Happier and heathier’: Selena Gomez shows off her new curves in skimpy frilled swimsuit as she hits the beach in Mexico.mariko

Singer Selena Gomez looked amazing as she hit the beach in Mexico, but she had to defend herself on Instagram after receiving backlash for putting on a little weight.


The attractive brunette hung out with friends in the tropical spot on Sunday, topping off her tan.



The 22-year-old displayed her body confidence by dressing in a tight black and white string bikini with frills at the front that highlighted her best features.


What a good sport! She grappled with a foam surfboard while on dry land ahead of hitting the water with her pals 


She accessorized the seductive ensemble with gray spandex tracksuit bottoms and styled her hair in an unkempt, damp ponytail.



Selena responded angrily to people who were criticizing her on social media for what appeared to be a weight gain.

Loving life: She looked like she was having a whale of a time as she headed down to the ocean with her pals 


She shared a seductive photo of herself wearing a skimpy black swimming suit along with the caption, “I love being happy with me, yall #theresmoretolove.”


Amazing times: She threw her head back in delight as she topped up her tan on the idyllic getaway 



The pop singer and actress’s photo was taken in front of a gorgeous backdrop overlooking a verdant green space in front of the ocean, most likely at the Casa where she is staying with a group of girlfriends.



Her admirers praised her for the photo, calling her ‘beautiful’,’sexy,’ and a ‘queen’ on the social media platform.



The beautiful woman ignored the commotion and ran into the waves with her pals while they struggled with various foam boards and rubber rings.


What a girl! Selena was forced to defend her new curves after her figure was criticised on Instagram


She paused to stare out at the horizon as she climbed into the waves, still wearing her shorts.



Selena is rumored to be seeing DJ Zedd after splitting from Justin Bieber. She also shared a picture of herself cuddling up to producer Hit-Boy on a yacht.


Healthy and happy: Despite the furore, the singer looked absolutely incredible as she walked along the sands 

Later that day, after her ideal vacation, she was spotted returning to LAX airport.





Selena Gomez looked bronzed and happy to be back home, and her bright smile didn’t fade even upon arrival at crowded LAX.


A delight: The successful star could barely keep the smile from her face as she enjoyed her time off work


Selena wore a long, grey T-shirt dress that accentuated her figure well, and a white baseball-style jacket covered her shoulders.


She navigated the airport with a black purse while accessorizing her ensemble with clunky black boots and dark sunglasses.

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