Going to Al Nasr to play football, Ronaldo still couldn’t escape the “obsession” called Messi

Ronaldo often gets frustrated every time his opponent’s fans chant the name “Messi”.

In the last time he shared about Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo seemed very comfortable, affirming that he had respect for his colleague.

“If you admire Ronaldo, you don’t have to hate Messi. Together we changed football history and deserve respect. I don’t see any rivalry between us. We were together. sharing the stage for the past 15 years,” Ronaldo shared.

However, fans have reason to doubt Ronaldo’s above comments. Recently, the Portuguese superstar often gets angry whenever rival fans chant “Messi” in the stands.

Going to Al Nasr to play football, Ronaldo still cannot escape the obsession called Messi - Photo 1.

Ronaldo was unhappy when his opponent’s fans chanted the name “Messi”

Ronaldo is still “obsessed” with Messi

On the last day of 2022, Ronaldo officially left Europe to play football and move to Al Nassr (Saudi Arabia) to play football with a record salary of 200 million USD/year. Six months later, Messi also had the opportunity to follow in his colleague’s footsteps with an offer of up to 500 million USD/year from Al Hilal. However, the Argentine superstar refused and decided to join Inter Miami of America.

Playing for two teams half a hemisphere apart, many people believe that Messi and Ronaldo may never reunite in an official match again. But according to Clutchpoint, this does not stop Ronaldo from being “obsessed” with Messi.

Expert Ben Jacobs admitted that rival fans have continuously chanted “Messi” in the stands recently. And this approach proved particularly effective.

“Every time Ronaldo has some problem on the field, the opposing fans will call out the name ‘Messi’. It seems that this action is reminiscent of Messi winning the World Cup. Although Ronaldo is in Saudi Arabia, I think he is I also feel angry. I hope he will continue to stick with Al Nassr for another season, but there are clearly things out there that make CR7 unhappy, like people constantly mentioning Messi’s name, for example,” Jacobs shared shall.

In the most recent match against Al Hilal at the Saudi Super Cup, Ronaldo received a red card after using an elbow to impact Ali Albulayhi’s chest area. When the referee disqualified him, CR7 was still upset and raised his fist at the king in black. At that time, the stands were filled with chants of “Messi”. When leaving the field, Ronaldo pointed to places where Al Hilal fans were, one by one, and clapped his hands as if showing sarcasm.

Going to Al Nasr to play football, Ronaldo still cannot escape the obsession called Messi - Photo 2.

Ronaldo collided with player Ali Albulayhi on the opponent’s side

In February, Ronaldo was banned for 1 match for an “offensive” action when Al Shabab fans angered him by chanting Messi’s name. Or before that, Ronaldo sent air kisses in response.

Ronaldo spends too much energy trying to win or lose just by shouting “Messi”. This only brings negative things to CR7, from psychology to actions on the field.

So if in such a situation, what should Ronaldo do?

The answer is to ignore it. The last time he appeared on the field, Messi was also provoked by a section of Monterrey fans by chanting “Ronaldo” in the stands. Messi simply doesn’t mind that. After the match, even though the home team lost and was eliminated, Messi came to shake hands with the Monterrey players before quietly leaving. Realizing that using “words” is not effective against Messi, the above fans will gradually stop this action.

Going to Al Nasr to play football, Ronaldo still cannot escape the obsession called Messi - Photo 3.

Ronaldo was suspended for one match for an offensive act in front of Al Shabab fans

Ronaldo’s immediate goal

Despite the recent controversy, Ronaldo is generally having an impressive season with Al Nassr with 42 goals and 12 assists in 43 matches. However, with Al Hilal flourishing, Ronaldo’s team had to sadly stop at the Super Cup and almost no chance of winning the national championship.

In early May, the team will enter the final arena of this season with the semi-final match against Al Khaleej. If they win, Al Nassr will likely face Al Hilal again.

However, the most important title Ronaldo is aiming for this year will come in the national team shirt. Next June, Ronaldo will enter perhaps the final Euro of his career with the hope of re-establishing his 2016 championship performance. CR7 needs to be physically fit and in good shape at this tournament.

In the immediate future, Ronaldo will face a penalty due to the red card in the match against Al Hilal on April 10. According to Saudi Arabian media, Ronaldo is expected to be suspended for 2 matches. If this happens, Ronaldo will no longer have any official matches this April.

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