General Hospital Spoilers- Aiden Goes Missing, Liz Panics Over Son’s Disappearance?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) will have a new reason to be concerned during the week of May 20-24. GH fans can expect some alarm bells for Liz, so she’ll obviously find out some news that leaves her unsettled.

Elizabeth may get some troubling updates from Aiden Webber’s (Tristan Riggs) school counselor since she set up an appointment to check in and see how things were going.

Liz has already been worried about the paint on Aiden’s backpack and in his hair.

Aiden tried to downplay it as things getting messy in art class, but Elizabeth seemingly feared that he was being targeted at school.

However, the situation could go from bad to worse soon enough.

Even if Liz gets some disturbing news from the school counselor, the real alarm bells could come later.

Elizabeth will want to talk to Aiden about what he’s up against if she finds out his classmates are going after him.

This presumably relates to Aiden coming out as gay and kicking off a new romance with Tobias, so Liz will certainly fret over the effect all this could have on her son.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth may grow even more fearful if Aiden doesn’t pick up his phone.

Aiden may not return Liz’s calls or texts – and he may not come home when he said he would either.

On the May 24 episode, Liz just won’t be able to shake off her escalating fears.

We’ll see Elizabeth’s panic start rising up, so that could easily be the result of Aiden going missing.

Liz might investigate Aiden’s disappearance and could potentially consider getting the cops involved.

Of course, Aiden might eventually be found stuffed in a locker or trapped in a closet somewhere on the school property.

Perhaps Aiden could even be tied up somewhere depending on how cruel his classmates decide to be.

Whatever the case, Elizabeth may end up on a mission to find Aiden and fume when she realizes the depth of the tormenting he’s facing.

General Hospital spoilers say Aiden is definitely keeping secrets about how tough he has it at school, so stick with us for predictions on Liz’s efforts to help him.