FUTURE DNA: The Old Trafford legend’s twin sons have officially signed their first professional contracts with Man Utd, while fans nickname them ‘the couple holding the Golden Ball Future’.-ts-thanhdung

Man United fans think that Darren Fletcher’s sons will become big stars in the future after they sign their first professional contracts with the team.

Jack and Tyler Fletcher have signed their first professional contract at Man United


The boss, Erik ten Hag, liked Jack Fletcher so much that he was quickly put into training with the first team. His brother Tyler has also done well for the youth team.


Now, the twin boys have been rewarded by getting their first professional deal with Manchester United.

BREAKING: Darren Fletcher Twins Jack And Tyler Sign Man United CONTRACTS! -  MySportDab


It looked like they signed their new contracts at the same time.


Fans now think that 17-year-olds will do great things after seeing them on social media.


A fan wrote, “Future ballers.”



“They’ll be future Ballon d’Or winners!” said a second.


“Both Utd legends already,” wrote a third.


“They will win the Champions League at United,” said a fourth. “Smart choice”



Someone else said, “Future champions.”


A lot of them will want to be like their famous father Darren, who played for Manchester United.


After leaving the school, the Scot played for Old Trafford for 12 years, from 2003 to 2015.

One of Man Utd hero Darren Fletcher's sons picked for England - and could  face his TWIN in Scotland Auld Enemy clashes | The Scottish Sun


Fletcher played 223 times for the team in the Premier League and scored 18 goals.


Five times, he won the league. He also won the FA Cup, the League Cup, and the Champions League.


Tyler and Jack may play for the same team at home, but when they play abroad, they compete against each other.

Darren Fletcher's twin boys play AGAINST each other in Scotland v England  match - as one son grabs bragging rights | The Scottish Sun


Jack is now playing for England, while Tyler moved his allegiance back to Scotland.


The two were controversially taken from foes Manchester City last year.


There may have been a record deal for their age group when they moved from Manchester United to Man United.

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