From the mysterious islands to Atlantis 12 year ago. What what lies beneath the Bermuda Triangle.mariko

Its ruins lie in the darkness of the ocean depths, damaged by the effects of time.

The city of Atlantis supposedly existed 12 thousand years ago. Then it sank, and people have told stories about it for centuries. Many believe that it was an ordinary island, but legends tell of a powerful empire. Atlantis was supposedly one of the richest and most beautiful cities of its time. It would take your breath away if you walked through its central gate.

There were amazing decorations and huge marble statues everywhere. According to rumors, the entire city is now under water. Some believe he is hiding on the seabed in the Bermuda Triangle. Some even claim that the underwater pyramid in the Atlantic is somehow responsible for all those planes, people and ships that mysteriously disappear there. And no one can track them.



The story goes that in the late 60s of the 20th century, a group of treasure hunters stumbled upon the ruins of an ancient city. This happened during one of the diving expeditions in the Bermuda Islands off the coast of Miami. The guys talked about the remains of the city and mentioned a glass pyramid, which they also stumbled upon. They claimed that it was larger than all other pyramids, even those that were discovered in Egypt.

Of course, these were just stories.

But this area does have some unusual things. For example, erratic water currents or strong eddies that arise from time to time. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the best places for explorers. They go there to study minerals, the seabed and the Gulf Stream. They explore how the ocean affects the year. Particularly interesting is the geological structure of the earth’s crust deep below the ocean floor.



The deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean is located in the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists have carried out a lot of research and drilling there to find out what lies several kilometers below the seabed. The bottom topography in the Bermuda Triangle is stunningly diverse. You are unlikely to see anything like this anywhere else on Earth. Especially considering that this is a small ocean region.

If you think that the Bermuda Triangle is some kind of trap, you are not mistaken, given its complex geological structure. There are several seamounts in the eastern and northern parts of the triangle. Mostly they are nameless. The height of some of them reaches 200 meters. At this height on the surface they would be considered ordinary hills, but by oceanic standards they are small mountains.



The limestone platform that forms the bottom of the triangle goes 6 kilometers deep.

And this entire thick layer consists of the remains of small ancient creatures. In 2019, a large group of geologists published a paper claiming that the triangle was formed as a result of strong volcanic activity. For many years it was believed that there were ancient, long-extinct volcanoes that raised Bermuda from the bottom of the sea. So, one of the theories says that the Bermuda Islands were formed because there were disturbances in the flow of magic.

Pieces of ancient litas that were already in the mantle rose to the surface. Then they got confused. This is how volcanic islands could form in the oceans. Having learned about this, science fiction writers gave free rein to their imagination. They told stories of terrible creatures and mystical cities or islands hidden deep beneath all these layers. All this prompted people to create their own theories.



In the 15th century, Christopher Columbus went on an expedition that later became one of the most important in history. He was among the first to talk about the mysterious region, which was later called the Bermuda Triangle. At first this territory was known as the Somers Islands after the hero of the British navy. But the Spanish explorer Juan Bertudes discovered the island in 1505.

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