“Following their upcoming tour, Drake and Lil Wayne have released the track list”.ngocthuy

I can’t establish personal preferences because I’m a big language model, but these are some songs that Lil Wayne and Drake might sing together on tour and would probably be well-liked by the audience:


Lollipop: Lil Wayne and Static Major’s energetic, chart-topping h/i.t song is a guaranteed way to get the crowd pumped.

A Milli: Another legendary Lil Wayne song that exudes contagious enthusiasm and is ideal for a live performance.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người và văn bản

Right Above It: Drake and Lil Wayne worked together to create this song, which highlighted their rhyming relationship.

Play some Lil Wayne music, and the whole place will be moving. Go DJ.


Mrs. Officer is another timeless Lil Wayne song with a catchy tune that’s perfect for a group sing-along.

Drake and Lil Wayne Joint Ventures:

The mantra: The audience would love their self-proclaimed mantra anthem.

HYFR (Hell Ya Fking Right):** Another h/i.t song by Drake and Lil Wayne that would make the crowd want to sing along.

She Will: A more laid-back song that highlights their complementary yet opposing styles.

Lil Wayne could probably add a scorching verse to the Drake classic “Started From The Bottom” for a live performance.

Love Me: A more melodious joint effort that accentuates their vocal prowess.

Fans can take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy,” a Lil Wayne song from his Young Money days.

Best I Ever Had: A timeless Drake love song that would sound amazing with a verse from Lil Wayne.

Hold On, We’re Going Home is a lovely Drake song that would make for a memorable occasion if Lil Wayne harmonised on the chorus.

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