Exploring the Enigma: The Sixth Continent’s Secrets of German Bases, UFOs, and Ancient Civilizations P.3

At the beginning of 2000, all scientific expeditions working there at that moment were recalled from Antarctica. They were replaced by specialists working for the defense departments. What could scientists have discovered on the Ice Continent? There are many versions. And each of them has its own amazing story.

At the beginning of 2000, all scientific expeditions working there at that moment were recalled from Antarctica. They were replaced by specialists working for the defense departments.

Was Antarctica inhabited?

Almost 200 years ago, a map was found in Istanbul compiled by the famous Turkish cartographer and naval admiral Piri Reis, who lived in the sixteenth century.

He depicted the southern part of the globe on the map. What was strange was that the coastal edge of the Antarctic land was completely devoid of ice cover. The cartographer drew a brown mountain range at this place.

It was over this lake that an unspoken war broke out between the United States and Russia. Scientific expeditions, funded by the US and British governments, planned to conduct serious research on the lake. But suddenly all work was stopped and curtailed.

A fresh lake is hidden under the ice

A fresh lake is hidden under the ice

At the same time, there was a rotation of personnel at Russian polar bases and a large amount of expensive equipment was imported.

Did the Nazis find heaven on earth?

The story of the Nazi base in Antarctica seems unreal to many. But some documents found in the secret archives of the Third Reich shed light on the Germans’ most secret operation.

According to the assumptions of the ancient Greek historian and philosopher Plato, Antarctica is a broken-off part of the legendary Atlantis. This means that the ancient knowledge of the Atlanteans may be hidden under the ice of the coldest continent on the planet.

The leadership of the Third Reich understood perfectly well that without secret technologies it would not be possible to win future wars. That is why the Nazis searched all over the world for ancient knowledge and artifacts of long-vanished civilizations. Expeditions were also organized to Antarctica.

To maintain secrecy, only submarines were used to transport the researchers. Soon the commander of the polar fleet announced that his team had discovered a real earthly paradise.

There are versions that the Germans managed to build a secret base in underground voids, the entrance to which was found under water. It is possible that the secret Nazi settlement, called “New Swabia,” still exists. Perhaps polar explorers stumbled upon traces of this base in 2000. In turn, this forced an urgent replacement of civilian scientists with specialized specialists from the intelligence services.

Or maybe this is due to contacts with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Germans in Antarctica

Germans in Antarctica

At the end of the 50s, a group of eight Soviet polar explorers set off on an expedition to the South Pole. Only three returned back. One of the survivors said that they were attacked by luminous disc-shaped aircraft. An attempt to photograph a UFO ended tragically. The photographer was incinerated by a laser beam sent from one of the objects. Those who tried to defend themselves with hunting rifles also died.

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