Enzo Fernandes Cleared to Boost Chelsea Squad for Everton Clash: Pochettino’s Good News P.3

Enzo Fernandez and Moises Caicedo, Chelsea’s midfield tandem, were meant to be the cornerstone of their success. The estimated £100 million paid for each was meant to serve as a guarantee. Ultimately, both have fallen short, both alone and together.

Why Mauricio Pochettino had Chelsea meeting with Nicolas Jackson and Enzo  Fernandez - football.london

It appears that Enzo has not been moving at all these past few weeks. Additionally, a bothersome ιnjury has been mentioned. His addition to the team’s weekly ιnjury report appeared to confirm that.

Cặp đôi 200 triệu bảng chơi tệ, Pochettino trần tình | Bóng Đá

In his Friday press conference, Mauricio Pochettino stated it was really a minor issue, although he acknowledged that Enzo hadn’t practiced since the Sheffield United match. How many sessions he has overseen since then is unknown. Tonight, Argentine journalist Gaston Adul tweeted that it’s not a tear, but rather an annoyance with his abs. He continues by saying that there’s a chance Enzo would have a day off tomorrow to prepare for the Cup semifinal on Saturday.

Mauricio Pochettino: "Enzo is going to be out of the game [vs Wolves]. We  are going to see if he can be involved again as soon as possibl... |  Instagram

A gifted person with little resources

Enzo had some excellent performances at the beginning of this season, but it’s easy to forget how good he was the previous one. It appears that playing so many games has diminished his skills.

Enzo Fernández, en duda en Chelsea por un problema en el aductor - TyC  Sports

He hopes he’s slept if he’s not feeling well tomorrow, regardless of whether he gets hurt. We don’t want to take any chances with this dangerous abdominal ailment. Since he hasn’t been playing well lately, Enzo could benefit from taking a game off. Put Cesare Casadei in the mix, Mauricio, and see what he can accomplish. It would undoubtedly give the team more physicality. At that point, you can request Enzo’s skill if you require it in the closing moments.

This means he will be fresh for the match versus Man City this coming Saturday, which we are undoubtedly looking forward to given it may be the final major match of the season.

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