Carrying the whole team, Mbappe praised PSG to the skies after ‘squeezing’ Barca but still…-ts-thanhdung

Striker Kylian Mbappe brilliantly scored a double to help PSG come from behind to defeat Barcelona 4-1 in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals on the morning of April 17, to win 6-4 on aggregate to enter the semi-finals against Borussia Dortmund.

The double also helped Mbappe rise to the top of the Champions League top scorer list with 8 goals. Meanwhile, PSG opened the door for the first time to be crowned champion of Europe’s most prestigious club cup tournament.

Mbappe (center) did not change his mind after PSG reached the semi-finals of the Champions League

Mbappe (center) did not change his mind after PSG reached the semi-finals of the Champions League AFP

Ronald Araujo was sent off against PSG

However, when asked if these successes would change his decision about his future with PSG. Mbappe replied: “No, no, no”. “I am proud to wear the PSG shirt because I am a Parisian. I dream of winning the Champions League with PSG, we will try to go to Wembley (where the Champions League final of the 2023 – 2024 season will be played)”, Mbappe further explained. .

Mbappe will end his contract with PSG on June 30. The future of this 25-year-old French star has been decided for a long time after deciding not to renew his contract with the Paris team. But there are still efforts to persuade this player to change his mind, of which the fact that PSG is playing sublimated in the Champions League is one of the reasons.

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid ‘fell’ because of spectacular comebacks

However, Mbappe determined: “I have been proud since the first day of wearing the PSG shirt. I will strive until the last days to help the team achieve the dream of winning the Champions League. We have gone one step further, but we We have to keep calm. There’s still a way to go (the semi-final against Borussia Dortmund) before we can step foot on Wembley.”

After a quiet first leg, Mbappe played brilliantly in the second leg when he scored a double

After a quiet first leg, Mbappe played brightly in the second leg when he scored a double


“Today, PSG defeated a very strong team. We played a great match, with the efforts of the whole team. After the first leg (PSG lost 2-3 to Barcelona at home with Mbappe playing The match was not really great), we worked hard with many new ideas and succeeded with a spectacular comeback, beating Barcelona at the opponent’s field to win tickets to the next round. This was a great day Great for everyone at the club,” Mbappe shared.

Kylian Mbappe scored a brace for PSG in their victory over Barcelona

Also according to Mbappe: “I said before, if PSG fails today and is eliminated, I will always be proud to be a Parisian. Therefore, winning has brought even greater pride. Currently, I just Focus on PSG and work with the whole team towards the goal of winning the Champions League.”

According to French and Spanish press, Mbappe is expected to have a grand opening ceremony for his new club, Real Madrid, at the Bernabeu Stadium right before joining the French team to attend EURO 2024 in Germany (taking place from June 14 to 2024). 14.7).

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