Cardi B Gets Real About Wealth: ‘I Make Big Bucks,’ Clears up $80M Net Worth Speculations.thao

Cardi B recently addressed rumors about her staggering net worth, emphasizing that she has indeed amassed substantial wealth throughout her career. In a candid conversation with Complex’s Speedy Morman, the Bronx native acknowledged her financial success, stating that she has far surpassed the speculated $80 million mark and has entered a new tax bracket.


“I feel like I actually passed almost doing $80 million,” she revealed. “I make a lot of money. I make a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of money.”

However, Cardi B was quick to point out that her earnings aren’t solely for personal gain. She explained that she generously assists her friends and family members who are facing financial challenges.

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“But also, I got a lot, a lot of bills,” she added. “I’m taking care of [family]. I’m helping a lot. I’m not going to sаy I take care, I’m helping a lot, and I help a lot of my friends and I help a lot of my family and everything.”

Despite her considerable wealth, Cardi B admitted that it can be difficult to refuse her loved ones’ requests for financial support, especially when she indulges in luxury items herself.

“I gotta sаy no and I’m buying Birkins,” she confessed. “I don’t like it when I feel like they playing with me … I remember when I was broke, I was never outside. I just seen you buy some designers. Even when I was a strιpper and I had some times that I struggled, I was not buying that s–t.”

Looking ahead, Cardi B remаins focused on further expanding her financial empire. She continues to make waves in the music industry, recently releasing singles like “Like What (Freestyle)” and “Enough (Miami).” Additionally, she has teased the arrival of her highly anticipated sophomore album, signaling her determination to dominate the music scene in 2024 and beyond.

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