Cardi B dropped out of the female lead role before filming began.TS hung

Female rapper and actress Cardi B withdrew from the comedy project “Assisted Living” just a few days before filming began. She was chosen to play the female lead in the film.

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Deadline  reported that Cardi B has decided to withdraw from the film project  Assisted Living . The decision was made just a few days before the work was scheduled to start filming. Initial information revealed that the reason Cardi B gave for returning the role was that the female rapper was in a state of exhausted health.

 The sudden loss of the female lead has seriously affected the Assisted Living production plan  . Sources from within the film crew revealed that the project has been postponed indefinitely, leading to hundreds of employees and actors becoming unemployed.

Over the years, Cardi B has had a successful foray into cinema with memorable supporting roles in Hustlers (2019) or Fast & Furious 9 (2021). Photo: Getty Images.
Over the years, Cardi B has had a successful foray into cinema with memorable supporting roles in Hustlers (2019) or Fast & Furious 9 (2021). Photo: Getty Images.

Assisted Living  is a comedy genre, revolving around the main character named Amber (Cardi B). She makes a living as a petty thief, but is being chased after a failed mission. Being falsely accused, Amber had to hide from the police as well as her former teammates by disguising herself as an old woman and blending into a welfare facility for the elderly.

The film is described as a combination of two classic comedies  Sister Act  (1992) and  Mrs. Doubtfire  (1993). This is the directorial debut of Thembi Banks ( Brooklyn Nine-Nine ,  Insecure ,  Work in Progress ). The screenplay was written by Kay Oyegun ( This is Us ).

In the past, many major studios competed to own the Assisted Living script  . Paramount Pictures won, paying millions of dollars. After announcing her return, Cardi B is likely to be sued for unilateral breach of contract.

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