Being recruited by European giants, Ronaldo suddenly confirmed his departure from Al Nassr

Being recruited by European giants, Ronaldo suddenly confirmed his departure from Al Nassr

The red card in the Saudi Super Cup semi-final and Al Nassr’s poor performance have put a big question mark on Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at the team.

The Saudi Super Cup semi-final between Al Hilal and Al Nassr witnessed Cristiano Ronaldo’s nightmare when he was sent off after an elbow tackle in the 86th minute. Although Al Nassr was able to score an honorable goal in the 86th minute. extra time but still lost 1-2, thereby missing the opportunity to compete in the final.

This is just one of the pieces in the gloomy picture of Ronaldo and Al Nassr’s performance. In the AFC Champions League arena, they soon stopped in the quarterfinals. On the Saudi Pro League rankings, Al Nassr is 12 points behind Al Hilal and faces the risk of nothing this season.

Besides failures on the field, Ronaldo also had to face provocations from opposing fans, who continuously chanted the name of his rival Lionel Messi to mock him. These factors make many people question Ronaldo’s future at Al Nassr, even though he still has more than a year of contract with the team.

Being recruited by European giants, Ronaldo suddenly confirmed his departure from Al Nassr
Ronaldo is going through a difficult time at Al Nassr.

According to Saudi World Football journalist Moteb bin Abdullah, a top Portuguese team is interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo if he leaves Al Nassr at the end of the season. On his personal Twitter page, Moteb wrote: “A top Portuguese club is eager to sign the best player in the world next season. Let’s wait and see what happens.”

Currently, the identity of this team is still unknown. However, many fans believe it could be Sporting CP, Ronaldo’s hometown team. Ronaldo played for Sporting CP from 1997 to 2002 before moving to Manchester United.

Being recruited by European giants, Ronaldo suddenly confirmed his departure from Al Nassr
Sporting Lisbon plans to reunite CR7.

However, according to journalist Ben Jacobs, Saudi Arabian football expert, Ronaldo has made a definitive decision to stay at Al Nassr until the end of his contract. The reason is said to be that Ronaldo wants to take advantage of the lighter schedule in the Saudi Pro League to focus on scoring the 1,000th goal in his career.

Currently, Ronaldo has 885 goals in his career. Achieving the milestone of 1,000 goals may be the motivation for Ronaldo to continue playing for Al Nassr despite the team’s poor performance. Ronaldo’s future at Al Nassr still has many uncertainties. Whether or not he can continue to shine depends greatly on the Portuguese star’s bravery and determination.


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