Andre Onana does not regret leaving Inter Milan to come to MU

Inter Milan, Andre Onana’s former team, is about to win Serie A, but the Cameroonian goalkeeper does not regret his decision.

Andre Onana does not regret coming to MU

On April 14, Andre Onana flew to Milan to cheer on his former team Inter Milan. Coach Simone Inzaghi’s team held Cagliari 2-2. With the current results, if Inter Milan wins the Milan derby on April 23, the blue and black half of Milan will win Serie A this season.

In contrast to his former teammates at Inter, Andre Onana’s season this year has been very difficult. In the new Man Utd shirt, Onana continues to play a pivotal role, but the overall performance of the entire MU team is unconvincing. Even MU is at risk of losing its place in the Champions League next season.

Andre Onana does not regret leaving Inter Milan to join MU 1

However, Andre Onana does not regret his decision to leave Inter Milan to join MU. This goalkeeper said: ” I don’t regret leaving Inter to come to MU. I am happy in the Man Utd shirt.

But at the same time, I’m also happy for Inter, a great team with great people. When I think back on what we did last season, I feel very happy and excited.


To me, Inter is a family, from fans to players there is always a connection. I came here to see Inter win and get closer to the Scudetto title. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be there next week to cheer on my teammates, so I’m coming here from today.

It will be a historic moment for Inter. I’m happy for the whole team for trying their best this season. Hopefully the team will win more victories in the future.”

During his time with Inter, Onana never won the Serie A championship. This goalkeeper only won the Coppa Italia in the 2022/2023 season and the 2022 Italian Super Cup.

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