Ancient Siberian Ice Maiden: Exploring the Mystery of the 2500-Year-Old Ukok Princess Mummy P.3

Who was the Princess of Ukok? The Princess of Ukok, also known as the “Siberian Ice Maiden”, was a woman of high status who lived in Siberia around the fifth century BC. Her remarkable mummified remains, adorned with ornate tattoos, were found next to a bag of herbs.

What do the tattoos on the Princess of Ukok represent?

The intricate tattoos on the Princess of Ukok depict mythical creatures and animals that reflect the values and status of Pazyryk culture. These tattoos served as forms of identity and were believed to help in the afterlife.

What caused the death of the Ukok Princess?

In 2010, MRI scans showed that the Ukok Princess probably died of breast cancer in her mid-twenties. Despite her advanced cancer, her skeletal remains showed no signs of physical trauma.

Why was the Princess of Ukok buried with cannabis?

Scholars speculate that the Princess of Ukok may have used cannabis for medicinal or shamanistic purposes, possibly to ease her pain. Her funeral and the presence of horses suggest that she played an important role in her community.

Why was the Ukok Princess’ relocation controversial?

The relocation of the Ukok Princess led to natural disasters and disagreements between the Altai Republic and larger authorities. The Altai people believed that disturbing sacred lands led to disasters.

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