When Travis Scott performed in Chicago, he gave a fan who joined him in song a pair of his new Nike sneakers.ngocthuy

Hypebeast stated on Thursday that the rapper gave an audience member a pair of his unreleased Nike Sharkidons in a never-before-seen colorway during a show in Chicago on Wednesday night. The fortunate individual was given the opportunity to rhyme alongside Scott on “Lost Forever,” and he flawlessly delivered every word, which Scott believed merited a small reward.

“Please don’t sell them; they are my favorite shoes,” Scott implored the fan as he returned the sneakers.

The “Mocha” Sharkidons, which Scott debuted last year on Instagram, were a mix of mesh and leather with cream details and laces. Although the exact release date is yet unknown, Hypebeast predicts that both designs will be available for purchаse at some point this year.

The rapper has collaborated with Nike before for his own sneaker designs. The Air Jordan 1 High OG TS sneakers he collaborated on with the sportswear brand in 2019 reportedly sold out in a single morning, according to Bloomberg. The retail price of those sneakers was $175, but they went for as much as $1,000 when sold again. The “Cut the Check” sneaker, which Scott unveiled last year in collaboration with Jumpman and Nike, was his first sneaker that was entirely unique.

There has been much admiration for Scott’s commitment to and understanding of sneaker culture throughout the years. Yu-Ming Wu, who was the chief marketing officer of Stadium Goods in 2020, told GQ that he frequently reintroduces popular sneakers from years past, which serves to draw in new fans while reminding the existing ones. “His sneaker cult following is greatly influenced by his love and respect for the industry.”

A fan page dedicated to Scott on X (previously Twitter) gave us a glimpse of the sneakers in one image: The off-white Nike Swooshes stand out against the light and dark brown colors. Straps and rope laces have matching two-tone finishes; suede and corduroy are among the materials utilized.In keeping with that tradition, the Sharkidons will be on display at Scott’s Chicago show for one fortunate fan to see before the rest of the audience.

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