VIDEO: Mike Tyson gets angry with the reporter at the press conference!TS hung

Legendary Mike Tyson showed a glimpse of his former self when a reporter insinuated that a soon-to-be 58-year-old Tyson is nothing more than a “gimmick” at this stage in Jake Paul’s  career!

Paul has made waves in boxing with his high-profile bouts against MMA stars and his cocky attitude. Over time, he’s made it hard for fans to deny that he’s a skilled boxer, even if, at least at the moment, he’s nowhere near the same class as, say, Canelo Alvarez  – something Paul has claimed several times before.

However, few could have expected that he would face one of the sport’s absolute biggest names in Mike Tyson. On July 22nd, it’s off to Texas for Tyson and Paul as they collide in a super match broadcast on Netflix. The fact that Paul, who is himself 27 years old, chooses to face a retired Mike Tyson instead of boxers of the same age has led to sharp criticism from the majority of fans.

Mike Tyson, left, and Jake Pau

During a press conference prior to their match, a reporter chose to question Paul’s decision to face Mike Tyson, especially given his comments that he aims to become a serious boxer and a world champion.

– Jake, you say you want to be a serious boxer and that you want to be a challenger and a champion, the reporter began. So, when in your career will you actually face a ranked person in your weight class and not go “gimmick” matches?

Paul responded by punching “Iron” Mike Tyson at the reporter. Watch the video of the interaction below!

– What did you just call me!? growled Mike Tyson. What did you call me?

This reporter’s life flashed before his eyes after Mike Tyson called him out 😭

“What did you just call me!?”

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