The historical milestone that Messi’s Inter Miami achieved in MLS

LIonel Messi’s Inter Miami filled audiences everywhere they went. Last Sunday, a new milestone appeared in the match against Sporting Kansas.

After a busy week in which they were eliminated from the Concachampions quarter-finals by Rayados de Monterrey, Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami defeated Sporting KC 3-2 in round 9 of MLS and achieved a historic milestone.

That day, Inter Miami attracted 72,610 spectators to Arrowhead Stadium and became the match with the fourth largest attendance in tournament history. Sporting KC vs Inter Miami is only 10,000 tickets shy of the match with the largest number of fans, which is the final on July 4, 2023 between LA Galaxy and Los Angeles FC (82,110 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena ).

Inter Miami’s meeting with Sporting KC attracted a large number of spectators to the stadium

Notably, although Sporting KC’s home stadium is Children’s Mercy Park, the Missouri state team rented Arrowhead Stadium – where the most popular sports in the US often take place to take advantage of the large number of stars participating. and sold three times as many tickets.

In the above match, Inter Miami came back with goals from Diego Gomez, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, thereby taking the top spot in the MLS Eastern Region, despite playing 1-2 games more than their opponents.

Video of Messi’s goal against Sporting KC

After being eliminated at Concachampions, Inter Miami will only compete in MLS until mid-2024. Starting in July, they return to the international arena to conquer the Leagues Cup, the tournament in which Messi and his teammates won. championship last year.

Leagues Cup takes place in the US and Canada from July 26 to August 25, Inter Miami will face Puebla and Tigres in the first rounds.

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