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At the age of 24, Taylor Swift has in her hands the most wonderful things that millions of girls desire: a stunningly beautiful face, a perfect figure and a successful career. With a series of resounding successes at the American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Country Music Awards, Grammy… This country music princess holds a collection of awards with an estimated number of awards. more than my age. However, what makes women admire and feel a little jealous of Taylor is because she is one of the young female stars with the highest-rated fashion sense.

Instead of the classic, sweet style of the past, in 2013, Taylor Swift always appeared with a sexy, luxurious dressing style and made everyone admire on the red carpet in sexy, seductive yet elegant dresses. Taylor ‘s secret is that the dress is not too elaborate, only emphasizes the chest and especially has luxurious stone-embellished material, helping her stand out effectively. Whether it’s a luxurious long dress that covers her legs or a seductive short dress, every time she appears in a metallic outfit, Taylor makes the public hold their breath with the “halo” that radiates from her, according to the truth. two meanings.

Silver light

There was a time when the pure, simple and gentle beauty of silver dresses made people “crazy”. Silver is very popular in the world of fashion, even machinery and technology. Although not only monochromatic tones are not as bright as gold, silver dresses are always strong enough to help Taylor Swift overwhelm many other patterns, taking the reigns at parties. The “cool” silver color matches perfectly with Taylor Swift ‘s flawless white skin, elegant face with sharp features, and slim figure . Whenever she wears a silver dress, Taylor looks like the perfect embodiment of a modern snow princess.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 1

Most recently, Taylor Swift stole all eyes when walking on the red carpet in a figure-hugging, silver metallic Gucci dress. The body-hugging dress helps the Country Music Princess show off her slim, enchanting figure.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 2


During this appearance, Taylor was described as “like a goddess”. The mesh design is elegant, showing off extremely delicate skin. She was quite sophisticated when combining a gorgeous silver dress with matching silver earrings and a neat, graceful low ponytail.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 3

It’s no exaggeration to say that Taylor looks like a real princess in a Reem Acra design.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 4

More beautiful than Victoria’s Secret angels in a silver bodycon dress with delicate encrusted details.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 5
Full of youthfulness and charm with Elie Saab’s metallic bodycon dress at the 2013 NRJ Music Awards..

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 6


Youthful and graceful with a silver flared skirt and extremely youthful sunken floral motifs.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 7


Even though she has a “modest” bust, it’s impossible to deny Taylor ‘s “hotness” in this gorgeous sequin fishtail dress with a rather bold chest slit.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 8

The combination of nude fabric and silver always brings a special effect of a fragile, sexy beauty. Even if it’s a short skirt…

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 9


… or floor-length, this type of outfit also strongly emphasizes Taylor ‘s hidden sexy beauty .

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 10

Queen of the party with a beautiful silver two-strap dress. If you want to be the center of attention at parties, learn from  Taylor !


According to the general trend, brilliant golden luster is increasingly popular and is applied with more frequency than silver luster. That’s why Taylor Swift is back to loving the shiny, regal and luxurious golden color. Every time she walks on the red carpet in metallic gold outfits, Taylor can’t help but make fashionistas fall in love. Similar to silver, wearing shiny, regal gold always makes Taylor the focus of the red carpet. The golden metallic patches make the wearer shine and are luxurious without being accused of showing off too much.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 11

Taylor Swift is radiant and outstanding with a sparkling metallic gold short dress that stands out among the gorgeous American stars. This is a design by Julian McDonald.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 12


Taylor Swift looks gorgeous in a delicate metallic gold dress by Zuhair Murad.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 13


Classic in a luxurious metallic short strapless dress, combined with toned and open-toed high heels and clutches. Bright red lipstick and curled hair further enhance Taylor ‘s fragile beauty .

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 14

Feminine with a nude flared dress, embellished with soft golden sequins.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 15

Charming and youthful with an eye-catching chiffon midi dress with metallic floral patterns.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 16


Simple but stylish with a metallic shirt and white skirt pair.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 17


A “powerful” beauty with Dolce&Gabbana’s metallic dress.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 18

Luxurious and splendid when wearing Zuhair Murad’s design.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 19


At the 2011 American Music Awards, Taylor appeared gorgeous in a floor-length strapless dress with sparkling gold sequins by Reem Acra. 

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 20


Another noble gold metallic dress design was used by Taylor on the red carpet.

Colors & Patterns

When it was first born, metallic luster had only two simple colors: silver white and golden yellow. Over time, the metallic sheen on clothes has gradually changed to become more diverse. No longer limited to two tones of silver and gold, metallic has a breakthrough with diverse materials and patterns. Taylor also pioneered this trend. Taylor often wears colorful metallic outfits, and they bring her excitement thanks to her modern, outstanding beauty and personality. Besides, patterns or combinations of metallic and other materials also bring special effects to Taylor ‘s appearance .

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 21

Striding on the green carpet of the Billboards Music Awards 2013, Taylor Swift was seductive, sexy and outstanding in a short blue dress with sequins. 

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 22

Kaufman Franco’s long shimmering midnight blue dress with Christian Louboutins high heels and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry was the country music star’s perfect choice at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 23

Full of difference with Jenny Packham’s purple sequin dress.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 24


At the 2011 BMI Awards in Nashville, Taylor Switf  attracted attention with a dark sequin dress, with impressive embellished patterns by Emilio Pucci.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 25

With straight hair and a short dress studded with black stones, she has a more “thorny” beauty than usual and still attracts all camera lenses when attending the 2010 American Music Awards.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 26


That same year, following Taylor on the red carpet was a lace-sequin dress with impressive, mysterious black tones.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 27

Recently, at the pre-Grammy party, the 24-year-old female singer brought heat to the atmosphere here with a classy nude chiffon dress mixed with black sequins.

Taylor Swift - "Follower" of metallic dresses 28


Slim and sweet with a pink and purple sequin dress.

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