Little is known about Meghan’s close friend, tennis queen Serena Williams.TS HUNG

On June 30, Meghan and her close friend Serena Williams’ family came to cheer Prince Harry at a charity polo match at Ascot. Few people know that “Tennis Queen” Serena Williams and the Duchess of Sussex are extremely close friends, attached to each other like a shadow.

Their relationship stemmed from a football charity event in 2014 and they have maintained a close relationship since then.

Princess Meghan also wrote about the relationship between her and tennis legend Serena on her personal blog The Tig: ” She is like a confidant that I can freely text when I travel, and I will also be by her side every time she has important tennis tournaments… “.

Little known things about Meghan's close friend, tennis queen Serena Williams - Photo 1.

Meghan and the Queen of Tennis first met in 2014.

Serena has a shining career and a fulfilling marriage with a rich husband. And Serena also has things in common with Princess Meghan that make their friendship always strong and flourish every time.

A talented, personable tennis player

With 67 singles titles and 22 doubles titles, Serena Williams is being praised by experts that she is the best female tennis player of all time.

Serena also owns a huge fortune thanks to her talent. The total amount of bonuses she received throughout her career reached 72.5 million dollars.

That’s not to mention a series of advertising contracts or the money earned from his own fashion brand and shares of the American football team Miami Dolphins.

Little known things about Meghan's close friend, tennis queen Serena Williams - Photo 2.

Serena Williams is a talented tennis player with enormous wealth.

In addition to being a top female tennis player, Serena also took a basic medical course at the University of Massachusetts. She researched the autoimmune disease that affects tear and saliva production, Sjogren’s syndrome, which plagued her and her sister Venus for a long time. Serena’s latest breakthrough is taking courses in fashion, business management and especially a certificate in nail and pedicure practice.

A fulfilling married life

At the end of 2017, after getting engaged to her boyfriend and giving birth to her first daughter, the tennis queen held a lavish wedding with her boyfriend Alexis Ohanian, founder of the social network Reddit. At the wedding, Serena was likened to a happy black swan with the handsome and elegant 34-year-old millionaire.

Being able to attend and take pictures with the couple’s baby increased their happiness. The girl became famous in her mother’s womb when Serena William won the Australian Open championship in 2017 when she was 2 months pregnant with her baby.

Little known things about Meghan's close friend, tennis queen Serena Williams - Photo 3.

The happy family of the Queen of Tennis.

Little known things about Meghan's close friend, tennis queen Serena Williams - Photo 4.

The couple held a lavish wedding.

Pay attention to humanitarian issues

Both Meghan and Serena have a passion for humanitarian issues. Serena is a person of color and an LGBTQ advocate. She has been involved in domestic abuse prevention. Meghan has worked on global gender equality issues for the United Nations and World Vision.

They support each other

Whenever Meghan and Serena reach a new milestone in their personal or professional lives, they always cheer each other on. After Serena won the US Open Tennis Championship, Meghan congratulated her best friend right on Instagram. Meghan also attended the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 2016 and was also present at the official launch of Serena’s own fashion line a few months later.

In 2017, Meghan could not attend her best friend’s wedding because she was busy filming the movie Suits, but Serena was present on Meghan’s big day with her husband. During this year’s Wimbledon season, Meghan plans to watch her best friend compete in the near future.

Little known things about Meghan's close friend, tennis queen Serena Williams - Photo 5.

The tennis queen and her husband attended her best friend’s wedding.

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