‘Happy place’: Selena Gomez shares snap of her and boyfriend Benny Blanco cuddling on the couch passionately

Selena Gomez shared a picture of herself cuddling on the couch with her boyfriend Benny Blanco on Instagram on Wednesday.


Selena Gomez snuggled with her boyfriend Benny Blanco on the couch, in an Instagram story she posted on Wednesday


In the black and white picture, which she simply captioned with the words “happy place,” the singer and actress, 31, and Benny, 36, embraced while they took a nap together.


Selena confirmed her relationship with him in December 2023 - noting that they had been secretly dating for six months; seen in a post she shared December 7


In December 2023, Selena made her romance official, revealing that they had been seeing one other covertly for six months.


Benny’s face was obscured in the photo, which featured Selena resting her head on his shoulder.


In July, Benny attended Selena's 31st birthday party, with her arm seductively around his waist - as he stood behind her; seen at her bash, which also included guest Paris Hilton


She liked and commented on the Popfactions Instagram post titled “Facts,” which stated that the singer “seemingly confirms” that she’s “in a relationship.” This is when the photo was taken.



Selena’s supporters chastised her for sharing a picture of herself cuddling with Benny, citing his past taunts at her.



Selena and Benny previously worked together on three songs - the 2021 tune I can't Get Enough; seen in promo material for the song

She also disclosed that they have been dating for six months and that he is the only one who treats her well.




Selena had left a remark on Benny’s Instagram post about his new cookbook, “Open Wide,” one month before.



According to Popfactions, she only said “Finally,” adding hands-up emojis.



In her stories, she also reposted it along with the comment, “One of my faves releasing a cook book [sic].”


Additionally, Benny’s most recent Instagram story post was featured on the social media platform.



In the stories, he appears to be holding up a handwritten note that he claims is from his girlfriend while also blocking a lady who appears to be Selena as she sleeps in front of him.



“I am so bloated, please do not squeeze/hold onto my waist tonight or I’ll fart a hole through the sheets,” the scribbled message added. Love you,” it said, drawing an image of a smiling face, a heart, and releasing air.



The picture showing the letter and what appears to be a sleeping Selena was captioned by him with the words, “My gf left this warning for me on my pillow.”



Benny stood behind Selena at her 31st birthday celebration in July, her arm sultry around his waist.

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