Fans were very happy: Lil Wayne teams up with Young Thug for the new single “Bless” with a catchy melody.mariko

Wayne’s first release of 2024, “Bless,” is a new song he released with Young Thug. Fans appear delighted about this three-way rap collaboration, which was produced by Wheezy. The Wayne and Wheezy collaboration is also a nice prelude to the much awaited Weezy vs. Wheezy mixtape, which is due out later this year.


The catchy rap song features a lively groove that Young Thug and Wayne both enjoy.  Wayne handles both verses, paying homage to his well-known rap abilities and powerful bars. “Family the only thing I love/ (Family all I got, b***h)/ Half a million cause my AP’ gold, gold, gold,” he sings with Thug on the chorus.


In addition to rapping on this hip-hop song, Wayne shines with a guitar solo that ties the whole thing together at the conclusion. For his song video “Leather So Soft” from his 2006 album Like Father Like Son, Wayne reportedly studied guitar, according to Rolling Stone.


The fact that Young Thug and Lil Wayne have been friends since 2015 further attracted notice to their collaboration. Rapper Birdman and Young Thug were reportedly charged in connection with the Lil Wayne tour bus shooting case, and they haven’t released a song together since. Their united artistic endeavors came to a stop for ten years with the publication of “Bless.”

Wayne will be the main attraction at the 2024 Roots Picnic festival, which will also feature well-known rappers like Gunna, Nas, Andre 3000, and others. Though he isn’t scheduled to perform, fans may expect Young Thug to make a surprise cameo at the two-day event to revive a beloved collaboration that has rap fans buzzing.

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