Defeating Tyson Fury, puncher Usyk unified the world heavyweight titles.TS hung

Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk became the absolute heavyweight champion when he defeated British opponent Tyson Fury in a match to unify the world heavyweight titles in Saudi Arabia on the morning of May 19.

Watch the dramatic match between Ukrainian and British boxers competing for the championship of the heavyweight titles

In this match, two soccer superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar were present at the Kingdom Arena in Saudi Arabia to watch the top match of the world boxing village. 

Right from the first rounds, Oleksandr Usyk actively attacked, but Tyson Fury defended very carefully, causing the match to always be in a tense situation.

In the 6th round, Tyson Fury had a left hook that hit Oleksandr Usyk’s chin, but the punch was not strong enough to knock out his opponent. The two boxers continued to fight and tried to find loopholes to throw punches to “finish” their opponents.

The turning point of the match took place in the 9th round, when Oleksandr Usyk consecutively threw two punches to the face, causing Tyson Fury to be stunned and fall against the ropes surrounding the ring. 

Taking advantage of this moment, Usyk continuously launched a series of punches that hit Tyson Fury and in that moment everyone thought of a knock-out victory for the Ukrainian boxer. But in the final moment, the bell rang to end the round, “saving” Tyson Fury.

Oleksandr Usyk with a punch that caused Tyson Fury to fall into the ropes in the 9th round - Photo: Getty

Oleksandr Usyk with a punch that caused Tyson Fury to fall into the ropes in the 9th round – Photo: Getty

In the remaining 3 rounds, Oleksandr Usyk still tried to knock out Tyson Fury but failed and the two boxers had to wait for the judges’ decision to see who won. And it was no surprise that Oleksandr Usyk was awarded the win with two judges giving the score a narrow difference of 115-113, 114-113. 

With this victory, Oleksandr Usyk added the WBC heavyweight championship to his collection and became the “hegemon” of the heavyweight boxing world by holding a total of 5 IBF, WBO, IBO, WBA and WBC belts.

Speaking to the press after the match, Oleksandr Usyk said: “Thank my team very much. This is a big opportunity for my family, for me, for my country. This is a great time, This is a great day. If Tyson Fury wants to fight again, I’m ready.”

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