California residents dismantle Ryan Garcia’s bizarre prediction p.2

California residents dismantle Ryan Garcia's bizarre prediction | Marca

A couple of months ago, Ryan Garcia predicted that earthquakes would strike Las Vegas and California in June, a claim that has sparked significant online discussion, especially among fans from California.

A tweet featuring a two-month-old interview with boxer Ryan Garcia on the “PBD Podcast” hosted by Patrick Bet-David has recently gone viral.

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Ryan Garcia predicts something big will happen in Los Angeles and Vegas

“Everybody expect me to just go into many different categories, in every different way, understand that you know Jesus is coming back, and I have predicted that there will be earthquake June 6th…LA and Vegas June…on June 6 of 2024, all right, that’s what I’mma leave it with,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Garcia is facing a doping scandal. Despite his spectacular victory over Devin Haney on April 20, reports that Garcia failed both primary and secondary drug tests have cast a shadow over his triumph, but he continues to assert his innocence amid these allegations.

“Two months ago, Ryan Garcia predicted that an earthquake will hit Las Vegas & California today, June 6th, 2024,” a tweet read. “There was just an earthquake in California now.”

Then, a user responded joking: “I can predict an earthquake will happen tomorrow cause it’s California, of course, it will happen. If he said New York different story.”

Ryan Garcia continues to shake up social media, now he's pleading for a new  girlfriend | Marca

A similar incident

Garcia’s prediction about the earthquakes has led to a flurry of reactions, with many recalling a similar incident.

Several months ago, a video circulated on TikTok and X/Twitter purportedly showing a tweet from Garcia predicting a tragedy at Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge.

The tweet allegedly read, “Something bad is going to happen in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 26th, 2024.” However, a community note later clarified that the tweet was digitally altered.

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