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Always ranked among the top athletes in the tennis world, the exemplary Williams sisters – Venus Williams and Serena Williams are also ideal role models for women.

On the field, everyone is an opponent 

Venus and Serena Williams - are rivals on the court

Since childhood, the Williams sisters spent many days practicing together before both entered the professional path.

One thing that people are sure of is that both Venus and Serena Williams have never intended to give way to their sisters on the court. The proof is that both of them were ranked No. 1 in the world for many weeks.

Venus Williams stands tall but doesn't stand in way of Serena's historic  quest - Los Angeles Times

Some people say that as sisters, especially biological sisters, they should be a little humble, but if they accepted to give in to their opponents, they wouldn’t have become the most formidable women in the sports industry.

The lesson learned from the Williams family is that in life we ​​may have to enter into unwanted competitions, but that should not be a reason to limit our abilities.

Off the field, the sisterhood will never change 

Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams: A look back at the Williams sisters'  historic rivalry - CBSSports.com

“Public and private separate” is probably the most suitable saying to describe the Williams sisters.

I don’t know how many times people have seen the names Serena and Venus on the same screen. They stood facing each other on the same court, each serve without hesitation or hesitation.

That’s what happens on the field, but what about when you step out?

Despite serving with all their might, Venus and Serena have never had a disagreement with each other outside of the match. Images of two people getting along together in public are not rare.

Serena also shared that being able to compete with her sister is a blessing, because whoever wins, the name of the Williams family will still be honored.

Sisters are always teammates 


Singles competition is not the only event in tennis, there is also doubles competition and this is an opportunity for the Williams sisters to team up.

Stepping onto the field together and helping each other defeat their opponents is probably the secret to strengthening the relationship between Serena Williams  and Venus Williams. The image of two people competing on the field is a more beautiful symbol of family love.

So far, they have 23 titles for doubles competition, including many noble Grand Slam tournaments. The abilities of both are indisputable, but without solidarity and harmony, they cannot have glory.


“Jealousy” is not in the dictionary


As siblings, it’s hard not to feel a little jealous of each other at times, especially for the Williams sisters, who often have to face each other on the court.

If they let jealousy arise, perhaps the two would not even look at each other. Venus and Serena, although they are siblings, each has a different look and each has their own advantages. The important thing is that both of you know how to recognize and appreciate each other more.

Sister Serena Williams once shared that there was a time when she was jealous of her sister because her appearance was not very slim.

“When I was 23 years old is when I realized that I was not like Venus. My body is very round. I have big boobs and a big butt. My sister is like a supermodel with her fit body and everything. When I grew up I really wanted to be like her, but then one day I realized that was impossible. Because I’m not like other girls, it took me a while to accept that – to be different. But being different is a good thing” – Instead of letting negative emotions invade, Serena knew how to take advantage of her physical strength to conquer sports. The achievement of more than 300 weeks ranked first in the world is this girl’s statement.


Break down the barrier of segregation 


If someone says that women can’t play sports as well as men, they probably don’t know the Williams sisters.

Besides their remarkable achievements, Serena and Venus are clear proof that women do not need flashy appearance to be admired. The strength and health of the Williams couple is their undeniable beauty.

Many times the two sisters were criticized by the media that they were not beautiful or soft. Especially with Serena, people say she has a lot of muscles, like a man… In response, she doesn’t need big words, her confidence and achievements on the court are the strongest proof of herself. close.
Serena and Venus, after nearly 20 years on the stage, these two girls have become invaluable sources of inspiration for a generation of young, enthusiastic and successful women.

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